Recovery mix that doesn't require a shaker bottle/metal ball

I’m trying to make a recovery protein mix a more regular part of my post workout routine per Chad, and that Nutrition Timing book. Recommendations for a recovery/protein mix that doesn’t require the shaker bottle/little metal ball to mix properly? Basically no mixing machinations required beyond the usual bottle shake of a sports drink.


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Hmmm, have you tried Skratch Labs Recovery? I have not tried this myself so I’m not sure if it requires a shaker bottle or not, but their other nutrition mixes up easily.

I’m also curious why you’re trying to avoid a shaker bottle?

Why avoiding the shaker bottle? – mainly to avoid generating yet more stuff for the dishwasher, Also i’m tempted to mix the workout bottle and the recovery at the same time, same procedure as I’m usually dead after the workout.

I use a home made mix to save a little cash:
Maltodextrin 20g
Fructose 10g
Protein (90% whey) 20g
Huel Cacao flavouring 5g
100ml milk
250ml water

No mixing ball required…just a quick shake up before ‘big’ workouts and then I fridge it. Maybe a little extra shake needed and then it goes down-in-one post workout.


Tailwind Nutrition came out with a recovery drink last year and I’ve been using it and loving it. It mixes well in just a bottle and tastes good. Choc or Vanilla. The stuff from Skratch is pretty good too.

Agreed on the Tailwind Recovery. Mixes very easily, and tastes good (as long as you don’t mind coconut milk).

Wait, is that why my Skratch Recovery has always been kind of thin? Am I supposed to be using a special shaker?! #needmoredrinkwatts

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Indoor training makes your life a little easier. I mix my recovery drink in a pint glass with a whisk. After drinking it I just fill it with water and let it soak then a proper clean is really straightforward.

I loved the flavor of Skratch, especially the Coffee flavored one. But I had to be very mindful of how fast I drank it bc it upset my stomach.

I’ve tried the Vega Sports one and did not like it at all. It did not mix well and tasted fake.

Thanks for the recommendations – i’ll give a few a try. I was surprised to see so many calories – up to 240 in the Tailwind, 200 in Skratch etc but this seems consistent with that Nutrition Timing book that Chad mentioned.

A worry is that i tend to exercise late (start at 10pom) and i’m not sure if i want a pile of calories sloshing around getting converted to fat while i sleep. In a similar vein, the Osmo active recovery actually has 30mg of caffeine in it which isn’t going to help me with my sleep avoidance :slight_smile:.


high 5 recovery is fairly thin - ive only used it a couple of times as it comes with their race tester pack, so i cant vouch for whether its any good or not - but it definitely mixed well in a bike bottle with no ball.

@AdamGlass which Book are you Talking about?

This one – was on Chad’s book list in some podcast episode.


I’ve been using SIS Rego. It misses well and has a good flavor. Both Chocolate and Strawberry are good.

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i hope the SIS Rego turns out to be good. I ordered 17oz container to try and received a 56 oz container.

Chocolate milk (2%) with a splash of home made cold brew for a pick me up.
Works like a champ and costs about 20 cents a serving. Google it.


Fantastic. That’s a great deal.