Commute stable smoothie ideas

Merge if necessary, closest thread was 3 years old/controversial so wasn’t sure if I should bump that or not.

My current smoothie is not great after 30-40 minutes, gets a weird bubble film on it that is unappealing. This was fine until last week where my gym was 1 mile from the house (swim 3days a week) and I could consume it at home and leave for work when done.

Whole milk
ON choccy whey
frozen blueberries
“Yice” (aka ice if you are not my 19 moth old)

I’ve done chia seeds, flax some other stuff in it at times but the above is the main go to. I’ve also done no smoothie and just done whey/milk in a shaker and then yogurt/granola for breakfast but that was when I had a desk job and I need to do what I can to not be at my desk eating when I get into work.

New commute means I need to leave a little after 5am to get to the pool for 6, instead of 5:59 and won’t be going back home so I want to make the smoothie before I leave. If I run after I won’t be getting to it until 7:30 or even 8 sometimes.

Looking for suggestions from people that might wait a bit to consume their smoothies and/or last through their commute, or if anyone has ideas on which ingredient is making it bubble/crust.

Due to the 200% increase in my monthly mortgage payment, there will be tears, but no money left to let them fall into a second vitamix for my shop.

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Not 100% sure, but it could be the whey protein. Could you blend it all, except the whey powder, and add that to the shaker at the last minute before you drink it? I had a similar problem with adding whey powder to overnight oats, so!I just prepped everything else the night before and added the powder at the last minute. Good luck!

Just get a ‘blender ball’ to shake it good.

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Do you have a fridge at work?

If so, I’d keep your whole milk there and add it to your shaker bottle when you want to drink. If not, take a water bottle from home and mix in the car for your commute?

Either way, I’d add the whey and blueberries (even the flax, or chia too) to your shaker bottle the night before - the blueberries will thaw out over night. Then when you get to the office or car add your water/milk and shake. Just eat the banana by itself (if you like the taste) and add the kale to a different meal.

What do you think?

Thanks for the replies finally done moving, unloaded an entire 16ft box truck packed floor to ceiling by myself so been half a sleep the last 2 days.

I think you might be right, a regular just milk and whey smoothie in a shaker bottle does get foamy. Once I find the blender I’ll give this a try.

I think this is going to be the answer, I thought I had one but didn’t come across one packing so will hit up amazon and give it a try.

I do have a fridge. The banana adds some good flavor and thickness and not a huge banana fan stand alone. I think I went about 30 years without even eating one that wasn’t in bread form. I usually eat a salad for lunch already and I put a lot of kale in the smoothie (at least half the vitamix pitcher) so not sure what meal I fit that back in. Since I might just endup back at a shaker bottle with whey and some other stuff I might need to just go this route.

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