Single Events vs. Seasons, Commuting, Explosive Power & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 184

November 7, 2018

Training for a single event is straightforward, but what about a whole season of racing? Join us live for a discussion on this, fitting commuting into a training plan, how to build explosive power and more in Episode 184 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

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Powder Creek Lodge:

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The Oregon Triple Crown

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Forum thread: Tips for early morning workouts

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@Nate_Pearson In December I will be getting a septoplasty to correct an old injury. Any tips for recovering from sinus surgery?

Also, I think you mentioned you will be getting another surgery soon, from one sinus sufferer to another, wishing you the best of luck!


I have a Castelli Rosso Corso Pro Light that is windstop on front, and mesh on the back. I LOVE it.

I have the forest gray/hiviz yellow because I commute in it, but it comes in a number of colors.

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Hello guys! I just listened to the episode this morning. I assume this was an error but for once you included the “post-show” Q&A. I liked that a lot :slight_smile:

I had to smile at the “early morning training” segment. Based on your comments, I am a total freak. I get up between 4 and 5 and don’t eat or drink anything. I am on the bike (or sometimes outside running) within 5-10 minutes. I guess I would get along really well with Jonathan’s wife…

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:heavy_plus_sign: I agree! I posted a similar comment this morning, but for some reason I can’t find it? :thinking:

Hopefully the live stream Q&A in the standard podcast feed episode was intentional as not everyone can watch it live and having to go to YouTube and scrub to the end for the 10–20 minutes of content is a PIA. It’s all great content, so just keep it in the standard podcast feed version of the episode.

Keep up the great work TR! :+1:


I actually made a mistake while editing/uploading and the partially trimmed audio file uploaded instead of the finalized audio file. As we have said in the past, we take these questions out because we want to encourage people to tune in live so unfortunately, these questions will still be taken out in future episodes as well.

Sorry about the mistake!

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I appreciate that in spirit, but not everyone can tune in to the live streams.

Isn’t the biggest incentive of participating live, the ability to ask questions? Perhaps have a separate AMA-style episode from time to time would better serve that need?

Just throwing out ideas. Right now it feels kind of disjointed for those of us who want to listen to all the great content you guys are putting out! :slight_smile:

What I could start doing is putting a time stamp on YouTube that will tell you where the live Q&A starts so you can easily access it!

The time stamps are found in the video description. You will be able to click the time stamp and the video will jump straight to where the questions start.

Will that simplify the process for you?


Yes, that’ll help. Thanks!

I also noticed that the volume of the YouTube recording is also lower than the official podcast episodes. Though that may be YouTube’s fault.

The audio on SoundCloud and Spotify is edited and equalized to make it sound better and YouTube doesn’t allow us to edit anything on the audio side. We have maxed everything out on our end to increase the volume on YT so unfortunately, there isn’t much more we can do.


You guys talked about the amount of time available to complete an ironman race before the cut and I remembered about a guy I saw on Instagram that started to fall asleep during the bike ride and the course passed closed to his hotel so he stopped to take a nap and then came back to complete the race. Never checked the veracity of the facts but if you think about it, it is something totally possible.

Back in my racing days I was on the trainer at 0500 4 days a week. ( Computrainer in those days).
Had a carb drink, during the session, then a big bowl of granola after. Most days it was 2 x 20 min at threshold with a 10 min warm up to dial in the Computrainer.

Thanks for the tip!

Not Nate but I have had a septoplasty before. If you are just having a septoplasty, it isn’t too bad. I was still doing triathlons when I had mine and I think I was back in the pool maybe 10 days after surgery, riding a bike about 5 days after. I was up moving around the day after surgery, at the bar about 4 days after…

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Please continue to make this mistake in the future! :wink:


Ask this before, will ask again… can you please list the Workouts that are mentioned in every podcast as part of the notes?

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Shame it was a mistake. It was a great Q&A extra. You go live on YouTube when I’m leaving work for home (UK) so will never be able to watch live. Much prefer audio over video. Is there a way you could live stream audio?

As the podcast has evolved and got better there is less time for questions so having more questions was extra good.

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Yep! I will do that. :slight_smile:

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@Nate_Pearson Quick clarification, do you eat the Ezekiel bread with honey (1 slice per 30 min SSI) BEFORE or AFTER your ride? Thanks