Single Events vs. Seasons, Commuting, Explosive Power & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 184

I appreciate the mistake! :slight_smile:

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I thought the Ezekiel raisin bread with honey sounded like a good pre-workout snack. Went to pick some up today…$9.99 a loaf at Safeway. That is crazy.

Hi guys, enjoyed the podcast as always!

A few things on the last three topics;

Early morning training - so much easier when the sun is up, but in these dark winter nights I’m using lunch/afternoon by preference even at the expenses of sessions.

Back country skiing - I would love to train for this as I get to the Alps a few times in the winter. Any recommendations for ski training plans that fit with the Full Distance Tri plan? :slight_smile:

Commute training - I had much more success the year I cycled 9-13hrs per week in commutes (2-2.25hrs each way), not so much success the two years I’ve been doing TR partly due to motivation and time: If I have to get on the bike to get to work and get paid, I’m going to do it come hell or high water! This season I’m planning to combine Full Distance with replacements outdoor rides, power meter on and quite hilly 45km rides to work. I’ll report how it goes…

Another vote for please including all of the information in every podcast. Many of us have jobs or life that prevents live viewing.

Yes. I think live is like 4am or something. I love the extra material, but no that much.

Did I hear right and a brief dialogue between @chad and @Nate_Pearson about gains being made during rest and one needs to factor rest into their training plans? Rest I assume means a number of weeks off or recovery/taper type workouts.

I’ll typically think of recovery in two ways, in a micro scale, as in, am i recovered enough for my next workout. Then on a macro scale when your fatigued it is time to take that easy week to recover for that next block. Both are equally important for making steady improvements.


I have a further question about the season aspect of maintaining fitness. There are several disciplines, where accumulating points is the goal of the season, and that can last from April/May through then end of August for the Xterra schedule. I am currently planning on doing build starting on Feb then specialty afterwards to be ready for the season come early June. Any racing prior to that will be considered a C race. Most races within my driving distance are roughly 3 weeks to 1 month apart.

The suggestion in this podcast was to use build up to the first race, then specialty afterwards in between events, would this be the preferred approach for a longish season? The example in the podcast was 3 events, separated by 2-3 weeks. Next year a trip to Hawaii is definitely not in the plans, but I am thinking of gunning for a slot for the next (2020) year. This means 4-5 races placing 1-3 in my AG between April/Aug, then being in shape at the end of October, so there will never really be a period to really focus on specialty as a training block, but will be plenty of racing stress in there. This year as practice I am going to try to do 3-4 races in the same time period with a bucket list race in September that would be considered as a bonus race.