Simultaneously running FulGaz and TR

I thought it would be nice to run FulGaz while doing TR workouts (something new to watch while working out)… However, I have only been able to find articles describing how to run Zwift and TR together.

FulGaz freezes unless the app is connected to the trainer. So, I connected FulGaz to my Elite Direto smart trainer via Bluetooth on my smart phone while using ANT+ to connect my trainer to Trainer Road with my computer. While running both apps the pedal resistance on my trainer went from very heavy to nearly non-existent and back again (I believe because both apps were trying to “control” the trainer…) The only thing I can think of is to connect FulGaz to my trainer and TR to a power meter but I do not have a power meter…

Anyone know of any work arounds to running FulGaz and TR concurrently that I am not thinking of?

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I’ve not used FulGaz but in Zwift the trick is to make sure your trainer is paired ONLY as a power source, not as a “controllable”. Then you let TR pair as a controllable. That way the two apps aren’t fighting each other, but ERG will still work in your TR workouts.

Have you seen anything like that in the FulGaz device pairing?


I had not thought of that… So, I went and checked and unfortunately I do not think this is a FulGaz option (unless I am missing something)… Here is the screen shot of the device connection screen.

@downhiller has it perfectly right. You can’t have both apps set with “Control” access. One must only see it as a power meter, essentially.

  • I know VirtuGo also requires paring the smart trainer as Control only.
  • Rouvy can pick up a trainer as a power meter only, so that can work blended with TR.
  • I am not sure on Road Grand Tours.

I would suggest contacting FulGaz directly to see if you are missing an option, or suggest that they add that option.


Thank you @mcneese.chad I will contact FulGaz and see what they have to say :smiley:

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I’m trying to do the same with TR and Tacx Desktop App. It appears it may work. The basic rules for such a setup to work are:

  1. the ability to use two independent communication channels (can be ANT+ for one app and BLE for the other, or two ANT+ antennas), and
  2. the ability of the “secondary” app to run without controlling a trainer.

In this scenario, you want TR to be primary (controlling the trainer) and the other app (Zwift, FulGaz, TDA) to simply use the speed and power input from the trainer. Some apps allow it (Zwift, TDA), some don’t (FulGaz, apparently).

Looking at

I see “in the advanced settings you change what app is controlling your trainer…” - so that might be the first place to look. I have thought about using FulGaz the same way, but I haven’t started to try yet so I can’t say one way or another.

Looking at TrainerRoad, I’m honestly not sure how to get it to use my smart trainer as just a power source (that is, to let FulGaz drive the trainer and then just trying to hit your numbers in TR) - it doesn’t look like switching from ERG mode to Resistance mode is quite the right approach.

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That’s the opposite of the way most people do it (using TR as the primary, trainer-controlling app, and another app such as Zwift as a “display”). I can see the idea - you’d be riding TR programs open-loop “on the road”. Without putzing into TR, my first instinct would be that TR does not have that option, since it covers all the potential use cases with virtual power and power match.

But then again, that was the first reaction from the Tacx folks about TDA, until someone went and tried it. And apparently it works - I intend to test it tomorrow in any case.

And indeed switching to resistance mode would not do it - it is still an ANT+ FE-C control mode, and you will get a fight between the two apps with FulGaz trying to set a resistance that TR will want to override.

The point wasn’t to describe the way most people people do it. The point was to explore options for doing it when that way doesn’t work. :wink:

I tested Tacx TDA + TR this morning - it works (TR as the primary, trainer-controlling app, TDA as the “display” app). This combo, similar to the TR + Zwift one, allows you to ride in real-life videos while doing TR workouts. Neat. Not sure yet it’s worth paying two subscriptions however.


Wondering if anyone got FulGaz and TR to work together?

James -

Hey folks. @jbucky1 @GravelNut
Just dropped in to say I have found the solution to using FulGaz as video only, and TR for controlling the Trainer.

In the settings, there is a section called “Advanced Trainer Settings”. Go in there and you will find a check box along side “Passive Mode”. This will stop FulGaz trying to change the trainer resistance. I also run the video’s in “Steady” mode. This just plays them at recorded speed. The advantage here is that you can pick a video that is the same length of the workout and know it will not run out too soon.

Hope this helps someone.


I really like FulGaz. Could you just not connect the trainer and run the video in that mode? It might be fun to something like Silverstone in lap mode for a Trainerroad session.

You need to connect the trainer (or your power meter/speed sensor(?) if bike based) or else FulGaz does not know to start (or stop) the video.

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Ok, that is good to know. I assume I will have to use my Ant+ dongle for Trainerroad and Bluetooth for the AppleTV

Yeah more than likely. I’m out of my depth here as I’ve not used Apple TV. I’d say that will be the only way to get two connections to the trainer.

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I’ve been on TR for a bit and just discovered Fulgaz this last week. Riding up famous passes was the coolest trainer experience I’ve had.

I might be the only one, but this is just begging for a TR video integration option, elevation included. Maybe something like this, but more nicely integrated? This was a quick 5 minute photoshop.

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A different take on accessing the FG vids:


Super interesting. I have used fulgaz before but no idea this was there. Mainly a TR user but got my sister in law hooked on Fulgaz as she is a semi-pro mtn biker and loves the approach of fulgaz.

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