TrainerRoad with Fulgaz

I’m trying to get Fulgaz running simultaneously with my TrainerRoad workouts. I’ve been doing it with Zwift without issue but running into my kickr dropping resistance when starting a ride.

I’m trying to run both through my Windows laptop.
TrainerRoad is controlling my trainer via an ANT connection
Fulgaz is connected to Bluetooth power, with no trainer controller checked. I’ve tried both reactive and steady mode within fulgaz

Once I start the workout, my resistance in erg mode just starts dropping off.

Any ideas on how to remedy this?

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No obvious answer but it should definitely work.

Did you try and run it with Fullgaz on ANT and TR on BT?

I found this combination to work when both apps were running on an iPad (I use a CABLE to generate a second BT stream).
I found it didn’t work well when running both apps on an Apple TV+ - I found the resistance kept dropping every 45 seconds or so. I haven’t tried to sort this out yet.


Can you run TR on your phone?

Thanks for the responses. I wonder if running both from the same device is causing the issue. Going to try to run one from the iPad today