Sickness during rest week

Looking for some advice. My whole family got sick this week at different times. I’m just coming off being sick with severe head colds today(Saturday). This past week was my rest week on my plan. I was only able to ride Monday. There is a small chance I can get a ride in on Sunday but I usually hold off on Sundays. I start the Build phase on Monday. Should I give it an extra day push my hard ride back or just go after it and see what happens?

Sickness is stress in itself. You haven’t had a week of recovery.

I would start from a position of a week to recover, and work from there.

Only you know how sick you’ve been, though if you think you need one day off, take two. If you’re up for an easy day, take two easy days before a hard session.


Depending on how you feel, do your ride tomorrow if you can and just go easy and see how you feel. I would take each ride as a step back without causing stress that delays your recover then try and pickup where you left off if you can, or adjust a little. Either way, no point in pushing yourself if you won’t benefit from the sessions.

I’ve just been sick then had my scheduled test week the week after. It wasn’t enough rest, first week of build done other than the long ride (I think I’m going to skip today) but i feel like I’ve suffered truth the whole build block. Dont come back too quickly.


Similar issue here:

Sick for the last week, which was third week of build before rest week. (Meaning, now that my health is returning, I have a scheduled rest week).

Should I:

(A) take the rest week
(B) do one more week of build, then take a rest week


Hope that makes sense

Edit:after rereading Rob Griffin’s post before mine, sounds like it’s a good idea to just follow through with my rest week workouts and then resume my build phase.

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