Sick one week into Build... take a week and start again?

I just finished the first week of GB mid vol, with sickness creeping in only the last day (sore throat, super weak). I had to cut Sunday’s ride in half and got VERY fatigued after. I don’t feel horrible, but I have a big bike trip planned this next weekend and don’t want to screw it up getting sicker. I either need to go easy this week and continue next week, or start over completely from last week. Thoughts?

My general recovery protocol is :

-Take a few days off till you feel decent again

-Do a 30 minute ride at endurance pace.
If you feel weak during it ,break it off and try again the next day

-If you recovered ok from that do a 1 hour ride the following day.

-Then a 1.5 hour ride, again only if you feel good.

-day off

-once you have those 3 rides under your belt hit the trainingplan where you left it.
If it took more than a week to come back, roll the plan backwards for as long as you were ill.

Maybe try a 30min ride wednesday, 1 hour thursday, friday off and hit the weekend as planned.
Or a 30 minute ride thursday, friday off and ride the weekend.
All depends on how sick you are and how long it lingers.

Don’t stress to much, taking it easy for a week (or 100% off) won’t kill your fitness.
Just don’t try to rush your comeback as that is more likely to ruin the following weeks.