Sick missed workout

Hi , I’ve read the blog about missed workouts, just wanted some personal advice. So on week 7 of sustained power build low volume, did the first workout on Monday then Carter on Tuesday. Got sick and had to miss the Thursday and Saturday main workouts. Feeling fine the following week but its now recovery week. Should I just repeat that week again this week and take the recovery week the following week instead. Some of the text said to just skip them and do the recovery week but as low volume it seems I would be missing some pretty fundamental workouts.

If you’re on a rigid schedule with A-races coming up, move on.

If you’re just going through the plans, repeat Week 7.

Thanks, would I repeat that first workout or just do the 2 I missed?

Depends on how you feel.

If you need to ease back into it after your illness, it might be better to repeat the first workout, possibly at a reduced intensity.

If you feel fine, then maybe just do the two that you missed.

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Appreciate it yes I did a Pettit on Sunday to test the system felt fine when doing but body feels a bit more tired than it should after a small workout! Will take today off and try tomorrow at reduced intensity. It was a dry flu like cough that developed from bad sinus so a bit more than a regular cold. Resting heart rate was 10-20 beats faster than normal and HRV values low numbers when resting, back to normal on those both fronts since yesterday.