Sick feeling for days after exercise

I’ve noticed in the past few months that I have had some form of nauseous/bloated/full feeling after cycling. The feeling can last a few days and puts me off eatting although i do ignore it and just eat anyways. it feels a bit like something in my stomach hasn’t agreed with me and that I need to be sick (like when you have a hangover).

I had thought it was maybe burnout, so for the past 4 weeks I’ve eased off my exercise entirely and gradually ramping it up again this week, the issue has come back immediately.

curious if anyone can shed any light into them having similar. I’ve narrowed down changes in the last few months:
I’ve started making my own fuel, i’m on about 55g carbs at present, (30 malto, 24 fructose and 1g of sodium crystals (cannot remember the exact name) - should note, the past few indoor cycles i have no fueled at all to see if the sick feeling remains and it does, but its possible its from the fueling i did last week.

Weight training - on/off with weight training but timeframe wise fits in

Start of allurprinol & naproxen for uric acid levels - i do take the stomach settler aswell - but i was taking these during my time off without issue unless it doesnt like exercise.

All those medicines could be enough reason but a stomach protector combined with lots of fast carbs could also cause some small intestine infection either bacterial or may even yeast

If you have suffered from gout I’d seriously consider not eating any fructose


Get a simple blood iron test from your doc!

I made the mistake of ignoring symptoms like you are describing back in my late 30s. In my early 40s I had a dramatic loss of form after a single blood loss which I put down to piles and overtraining. After stupidly ignoring it further. I eventually saw the doc who did a blood test and straight away said it wasn’t normal. The normal blood iron is something like 135 parts, 35 is worrying and 15 is chronic. I had 12 parts and eventually 9 parts. No woner on two days of my lejog I was forced by my mates into the support car.

I had a whole lot of tests which all came back negative and I started to relax and made the mistake of assuming it was my low meat diet and switching back to meat. It was only then that some of the more common symptoms of my bowel (colon) cancer emerged. Constant upset/sore stomachs. I was starting to get very worried but unbeknown to me there had been a test lost in that NHS (public) - Private scan company black hole. The scan found it (the cancer) straight away. I was nearly straight into hospital and almost the moment I woke up I was 90% better.

Despite that they decided to be sure theyd blast me with chemo. A bit of ironically thankfully after the op I was in the state to attack the chemo harder than it could attack me and I set my then fastest 25miles (40k TT).

Although I am 100% better now if I hadn’t ignored things that last scan if done earlier would have scraped the cancer out before it developed and I would have had no extreme symptoms, op or chemo to endure.

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Thanks for this, the ignore part is i was referring to was not skipping meals.
I am meant to have blood tests but docs have cancelled them the past 2 months so my levels arent being monitored (i’m not sure if they check for Iron but its to monitor uric acid levels). I know from previously much heavier years (100kg plus) my iron was through the roof.

Thanks, hadn’t realised that the carbs vs stomach settler could be such as issue.

I do try and stay off fructose for everything else but for fueling longer rides I wasnt sure what to replace it with.

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One of the functions of stomach acid is killing microorganisms, so raising the pH dimishes that function and microorganisms just love carbs…

You could try adding in fermented foods to see if that helps (could make things worse temporarily) and if that doesn’t work see your doctor

Have you told this to your doctor?

The internet is great and can be helpful but you should talk to your doctor and advocate for a blood test to find out what is going on.

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