Overtrained…what to do next?

So pretty much think I hit a wall went through it and hit one more for good measure. My first failed workout was on 12-23.

At first workouts I should have been able to complete where harder so I took a rest week.
Tuesday after the rest week I did Abney and a few hours later got sick/ nauseous no appetite for a few days.
A week later I attempted slide mountain -2 once I thought I was over the sickness and only did one interval that’s when I knew something was up. The nauseous feeling came back.
Took another four days off the bike.
The last two days I’ve done 30 mins at like 130 watts.

My ftp before this was 300.

How do I reset after this?

I wear a Garmin watch 24/7. Based on my hrv I’m still not back to my baseline but would my HRV drop if I’m getting less fit? Even on my four days off it didn’t really get better or trend towards my baseline.

Thank you in advance

That doesnt sound like overtraining. Sounds like some sort of gastritis which can be related to just about anything. A month can feel like forever when you’re trying to hit workout targets, but in the grand scheme its not that long. After the illness is over, you’ll be back to training. Ive come back stronger in the past sometimes with the extra rest.


Hmm, maybe, but it seems to be related to my level of activity. Just today I did a 30 min ride and the nauseaos feeling is coming back.

Thank you for replying, and I’ll look into it. I figured going to a doctor would be a waste of time, but it probably can’t hurt at this point.

Edit: after reading more about it. it does seem like it could be. Triggers can be stress so if physical stress can cause it to trigg. Caffeine intake isn’t crazy(1-2 coffees a day) and alcohol has been the lowest in some time but my diet isn’t the greater either.

Yeah nausea during a ride doesnt sound like overtraining. You would have months of failed rides and decreasing power with no explanation, sleep issues, weight loss, etc.

Not saying you dont have something going on, but it doesnt sound like overtraining.


You started what on the 23rd of December? A new block? Cycling in general?

Sorry for the confusion. My downfall. The first workout I failed.

My recommendation… Go to the doctor. They may run some test or have blood work but it is better to make an appointment and be nothing than have it be something and never go. Hope you feel better!


I stopped using HRV (it kept on telling me I was super ready, when I didn’t feel that way, and occasionally I was sub optimum when I went out and got a TT PR and felt I could have went harder) I’m also a sceptic of HR data in general due to its day to day variability and it being influenced by too many factors outwith your control. Given your RPE however, I would also recommend going to the docs and getting some blood work done.

Doesn’t sound like overtraining to me.

Get healthy, lower your expectations, and start over at a lower level. There is no other answer.

  • go to a doctor and tick off any possible disease.
  • try a different approach in regards to food. Less meat, dairy, conservatives. Try to cook your food, lots of threads here that can help you out with that.
  • maybe just ride along, preferably outside if possible without expectations, just ride to enjoy.
  • start again to build your fitness, it’ll come back quicker than you think.

So, an update. I got some anti-acid medicine and have taken it for the past three days. The stomach issues have gone away, but my loss of power is still there. I reset my FTP from 309 to 250. I did a 30-minute sweetspot ride today, and it was okay. I still have a very high heart rate for doing what used to be my zone 2. The watch was showing 160 while riding at 220-230.

Did you go to the doctor?

I did a virtual visit because I’ve moved and haven’t gotten in to have a GP yet. I go to the GP on Monday though.