Should my ftp be higher?

Before this test my ftp was 213. I done 8 min test and in my 1st 8min interval i was 5 watts above and 2nd 8 min test i was 4 watts above so would that not leave me 4.5watts abover my original ftp of 213 leaving me at 217 to 218 instead of the 214 it gave me. Thanks.

According to the calculations TR uses for this test the estimate it gave you is spot on.

They average the two 8 minute blocks, then reduce by 10%.
Whether the following workouts “feel” right is a whole different ball of wax. If you’re completing workouts with no problem and none of them are taxing you, I’d manually bump your ftp a few points. Not all of the workouts should leave you feeling beaten, though. It’s the cumulative stress of weeks of work between rest that break us down and make us stronger, not crushing ourselves in every workout.

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214 is correct. Avg across the 2 8 mins = 238.5 x 0.9 = 214.65.

To be honest though 4 watts isn’t going to make any difference and would be well within the daily variability.

Did you do the tests in erg mode?

Yeah but it goes into resistance mode automatically.

You’d think it would have given me 215 :smiley:

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