Shortcuts for +1min (W)armup and (C)ooldown

Please add “w” and “c” as shortcut for adding one minute to warmup / cooldown.

So for example pressing “c” 3 times during a workout adds 3 minutes to cooldown. Much simpler (for those of us with keyboard in reach) than fiddeling with mouse/touchpad clicking into the dialog (and you also don’t need to wait 15 seconds until the undo dialog disappears).

Should be a quick and easy implementation @Nate ;).


@Pete Let’s make this happen, I think we’re already adding keyboard shortcuts for this…but if not it’s a good idea.


Might it be possible to extend the cooldown if the app keeps receiving power/cadence data after the end of the planned workout? For example, have a 10 second window after the scheduled end where the app keeps listening for power data; if it receives readings above, say, 30 W, it adds 1 minute of cooldown. This repeats until the rider lets the 10-second window expire without pedaling. No need to hop off the bike to click or type a keyboard shortcut.


Yep, this would be great as I too have to dismount to add more time.

That’s a good idea too. That will take more time to implement but it deserves to be put in the backlog to implement.

@Pete we can discuss the details more in the future.

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Brilliant idea!

Yeah, I think we have been missing something like this. I’ll add it to the backlog. :+1: to the keyboard shortcuts!


Maybe even make it a universal key that adds “X” whenever pressed, regardless if you’re in warmup, mid interval,cooldown,etc .
Might be easier to use and you can program up to 3 keys to add 10sec, 1min, 5min or whatever you guys feel is most appropiate.


^^^ This ^^^

One extend key to rule them all. :wink:


Problem with one single key for all is for example if you want to add some cooldown at the end right when stating a workout (and then maybe have computer out of reach thereafter).

An alternative with one single key could be to add the time at the actual cursor line so (if needed) you could also navigate and flexibility add where you want. Might be more complex overall.

So in the end I still tend to the quick win solution with “c” and “w” shortcuts.

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Throw the lap (L) keyboard shortcut in while you’re at it. Great for testing gear or doing some intervals in Freeride.

How about just using the arrow keys to add minutes, to the warm up or cooldown. One click equal one minute…just my thoughts

Arrow keys are already assigned.

Up-Dn for adjusting Workout Intensity
Lt-Rt for adjusting Resistance Mode Percentage

okay, thanks. didn’t know that

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Yes! An auto cooldown extension would be amazing for those of us who don’t have their device in arms reach.

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Hi TR crew,

Would you consider adding keyboard shortcuts to extend the cool down (+1 min / +5 min / +10min) - unless they already exist that is?

Currently I have to do this with the mouse on the PC, which is awkward on the trainer and impossible on the rollers. So I basically have to get off the rollers, which throws off the rhythm a bit. That becomes a bit annoying if I’m in a flow and find myself repeatedly willing to extend the cool down.

Hitting a button on the keyboard would be so much easier, and shouldn’t be very terribly demanding to code in…

Thanks for the great product, keep up the good work!