Warm-up Options? [Feature Request]

Just had an idea ready here is the Pitch.

Let the rider pick from a set of pre-programmed warm-up efforts for a given workout.

In my head it would work like this: Say a 1:30:00 workout the warm up is a 15 minute block where the rider has the options between the prescribed warm-up blocks or selecting from a few different options all targeting similar areas of warming effort. I understand there will be some give and take here with TSS but they don’t say variety is the spice of life for nothing.

Just throwing it out there if you like it pick it up. If you hate I am sure you all will let me know!

Best of luck in your 2022 endeavors.


Having standardized warm up and warm downs would be a great idea.
Now workouts are limited to set times (45/ 60/ 90 minutes etc.) which often compromise the warm up and/ or warm down. Just have the WU be 10 minutes and WD 5 minutes. And if that means a workout is 61 minutes, so be it.

Thanks for the request! I think functionally / from a development standpoint, this could be extremely difficult to execute. Thanks for the suggestion though, will pass along to the team!

I can only imagine how difficult it would be! I was just an idea I have had for a little while.

Thanks for responding!

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+1 for this idea. I frequently modify TR’s workouts using Workout Creator for a warm up prefer (3 minutes each at 55%, 60%, 65%, 70%, and 75%), recovery intervals at 50%, and a 5 minute cooldown 70-45% ramp.

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First step:
Tag the warmup part of all the existing workouts and then trim that out and insert a selected warmup to do first. So technically would be merging two workouts together and make it look like its running a single workout
Second step:
split all workouts so the warmup is seperate from the workout but defaults to play together. Maybe modify the start of a workout to start at the wattage of the previous workout (the warmup) to take care of not knowing
step 3:
use machine learning and figure out what warm up works best for a given user for a given workout type

What data set could be used to train the model? See how well a person does at the start of the workout. I leave the details up to the reader to figure out… :-p

Ah sure lemme just…

Haha in all seriousness, I wish it were that simple for our developers. What seems easy can often create a new set of issues or bugs to isolate and fix, especially when it comes to AT and ensuring that the work being done is credited accurately (which is why accounting for unstructured rides in the next iteration of AT has been so labor-intensive for the team!). The action items to split and merge workouts like that on the fly and make it work well would take an insane amount of work from the team, unfortunately.

Does it mean that the team won’t consider this feature just because its tricky? Not at all! It’s not that the team doesn’t these features that seem ‘easier’ aren’t important or useful, we definitely agree that it is!
We just have to prioritize updates that are the most effective at helping the greatest number of athletes possible get faster in the immediate future (such as incorporating unstructured rides into Adaptive Training, and refining Adaptive Training as a whole). :+1:


I never claimed it would be simple. Ok, maybe the end, but only sarcastically as I didn’t really have a good idea of how to do that… Just an idea of how it could be done.

Copying the Ant+ code that reads HR data and change the device number to get it to read SMO2 data, now that’s simple. Well comparatively and that’s all that matters, right :-p Definitely less than 3 years for one developer dedicated to it

As someone else mentioned I use workout creator to build warmup sessions especially prior to V02 workouts. It’s very simple and only takes a few mins. Once it’s created it’s a snap to load it.

@mcneese.chad - should this be merged with https://www.trainerroad.com/forum/t/feature-request-setting-a-default-warm-up-and-cool-down-duration/ post?

I mean maybe, if you had a default favorite warm-up option! Then maybe.

Agreed. But at least for me, I have “standard” warmups I do based on the work interval type. E.g., one warmup for sweet spot, and a different one for VO2 intervals

Good question. There are similarities but also some differences. I will ask @IvyAudrain to weigh and and we can merge if she likes the idea.

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Nah I think duration for warmups and cool downs versus the ability to select and insert a chosen warmup structure is different enough that we can keep these threads separate.

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Much appreciated :smiley:

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Chad is a legend! :wink: