Keyboard shortcuts?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to increase time during an interval? Or is there a way to just keep “recording” at the end of a workout if say you are pedaling/applying power? Touchscreens and mousepads don’t work when you’re sweaty.

Second question. How do you mark the bike type to easily search for improvement from say a TT vs road bike? Or are most people using a different app for this?


Here is the official list of shortcuts.

Are you asking to lengthen any interval (work or rest) during a workout?

  • If so, there is no option or shortcut for that.
  • It’s possible to pause via the spacebar. But that doesn’t record the power or time.

The extend cool down is the only way to lengthen a workout and have continued recording.

There is no equipment flag or tracking built in. You can add info into the Notes for any workout. But there is no easy way to find and compare info between whatever you add in there.

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