Shortcuts for +1min (W)armup and (C)ooldown

Digging this one up. I’m using the Mac desktop app now and was wondering if these keyboard shortcuts were ever added? The support page doesn’t show anything for warmup or cool down shortcuts, but sometimes the documentation doesn’t keep up with the software. :wink:

Not implemented yet. Maybe @Pete can do it since the new apps have been released by now.


Thanks for the nudge on this. No update as of right now, unfortunately. To speak more effectively to our process for vetting feature requests: when prioritizing features like this, It’s not that we think this isn’t something that should get fixed or implemented, it just comes down to what we think will be the best features to help cyclists get faster most effectively (by prioritizing resources towards releases and features like Adaptive Training, and TrainNow for example, or in PETE’S case: refining mobile apps) that will be more impactful in the immediate future for athletes.
This is still on our radar, but just on hold while we work out higher priority releases. I’ll bump this to the team!

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While we’re on the subject of extending the cool down, one thing that has always bothered me is that it extends from the low end of the cool down ramp. So, I always end up cranking the power up to like 200% or something and then manually ramping down at the end of my extended cool down. It would be great if the extension either occurred at the power level at which you select “extend cool down” and then dropped at the regular ramp rate once that extension had elapsed, or if it extended the entire ramp, flattening the slope essentially.

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