Auto-start extended coolDown

Is there any way that the extended cool down could be automatically started.

My computer running TR is out of reach from my bike but often I want to extend my cool down with a few minutes of easy spinning after a workout. I have to dismount to do so.

Could the extended cool down just start automatically if I’m still pedaling??



Yup, they just added a feature to at least the mobile app side. I have not looked at Win/Mac yet.

Go into Settings and scroll down. Something like “Pedal to extend Cool Down” should be there.


Heh, you saved me a forum post–thanks!

FWIW, I would also love to be able to set a minimum cooldown length and have that automatically added to my workouts when needed. I understand TR is trying to fit workouts into given time ranges, but 1-2 minutes of cooldown just isn’t enough for me.

Really, I use the Mac app as I have to use my phone to monitoring an ECG whilst training so I’ll have to see if that feature has made it to the desktop app. I hadn’t seen it but I’ll double check.

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Yeah, I forgot to check on my PC, but have seen it on Android (and pretty sure and Apple iOS user confirmed too).

I am hoping they have it on all devices.

Not on Mac app that I can see.

Not on Windows that I can see.
I’ve been begging for a keyboard shortcut to extend cooldown (tie it to the 1,5,10min extensions) so that you dont have to get off the computer just to move the mouse to the bottom right of screen