Short term increase to Mid Volume

Hello All

I have had a good year using TR this year, sticking to the low volume plan I’ve been through base and build, purely with the aim of seeing how far I could improve my FTP and maintaining my physical and mental health during COVID times. I have a big event (3 peaks in Australia) in March and over summer I would like to try a short term commitment to mid volume. It’s not sustainable with 2 kids (and a puppy) long term but I thought a SS base phase at mid volume would help prepare and kick off a good year where I’d like to race. Is there anything specific I should consider when doing this? I have returned to low volume base for this set up to Xmas then I would follow that with mid volume base, then build for peaks.

Any advice or experience in making the switch would be very helpful.


Hey Jamie,

I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago. Where i’ve allways been used doing LW, i got the kick up in 19’ training for LaMarmotte. I main different between the two phases are the weekends, and then an added little midweek workout. I didnt have much of an issue to complete mid volume, eventhough i hadnt been doing so much structered work before - however, in the summertime, i’ve allways been putting more than 3-4 hours a week in the saddle anyways.

You could also just start to keep the low vol, but add an extra days of work in the weekend with the variation + workouts.

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