Mid Volume Base -> High Volume Build & Specialty

Hey y’all - apologies if this has been discussed, but I haven’t found anything…

Last year, I was new to TR and I jumped into the High Volume Specialty Phase before a big race - really enjoyed it, saw nice results. This year, I’d like to complete a full “season.”

Is there any harm in doing a Mid Volume Base (I just don’t think I have the time for High), and then High Volume Build & Specialty? Does it defeat the purpose if I’m building a “mid level” base for higher volume work later on?

I assume it’s fine and others have done the same with good results, but thought I’d ask. Thanks for any tips!


Train as much (or as little) as your available work/recovery time can allow. Jumping up to High Vol is no joke at any point, but if you have done it successfully in the past, it is worth a try again.

Just be mindful about how you handle it, and be willing to make adjustments (reductions) if needed.


For me I would say for high volume build you would be better off having done high volume base. The times are very close as in total hours per week and HV build is super tough (at least its been for me both seasons that I have done it.

Might I suggest you try HV Base and see how much of it you can handle before you do it in build. Build is lower TSS but as recently discussed on the podcast and in this forum not all TSS is created equal and build is the sneaky tough kind of TSS. :smiling_imp:

Push yourself and see how you hold up on the base. Good luck its great fun when you can hang in there!


I’m looking to do this later in the year. My plan right now is to add an additional endurance ride and sub the 1 hour endurance rides for 1.5-2 hour rides to try and bring the TSS of the mid plan up a little so the jump in volume isn’t as much of a shock.

I really wish they had a mid+ base plan that got you into the 8-10 hour/600 TSS range but wasn’t solid sweet spot intervals.


But that would mean I have to start the long hours before Christmas :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: - I see your point, I should give it a go.

Yep, I’m in the same boat. If I can’t find the time (or stay motivated) for High Volume base, I may do the Mid and add volume on weeks where it’s possible.

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But then if you do that before Christmas then you have even more reason to feast :grin:

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I think they answer this question in the ask a cycling coach podcast nr 3 ! Skip to minute 56 :slight_smile:

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Yooooo, good find! Much appreciated.

Sounds like it’s an okay shift from Mid to High, as long as you feel like you can handle the jump comfortably. Of course a High base is ideal, but it’s good to know that Mid to High is okay too.

I left this out, but I’m not especially motivated to jump back into a High volume plan right now either. I’m thinking the Mid base will keep me moving in the right direction, then I’ll be ready (mentally) to handle more volume come Build and Specialty.

Thanks again.

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Create your own. During base just add what Sweet Spot you can handle and fill the rest with Endurance. Build your TSS and volume weekly.

That’s literally what I pay TrainerRoad for.


I hear that and understand. The calendar makes it so easy to plug in workouts I don’t mind using the library to tweak a ideal plan. We are all different