Short break between SSB1 and SSB2

Hi guys, was searching in the forum but did not find an answer to my question. So let me ask here.

Sorry long post.
Executive summary:
Was very fatigued after first year of serious riding as 42y.o. and SSB1LV with additional outdoor rides. Skipped last two sessions followed by another rest week off the bike but with tons of walking. SSB2 was supposed to start last week. This week can only get back on bike on Thursday.

Detailed version
I am 42, hit 7.6k km last year and it was the first year I ever really did a lot of sports. (Was super proud when I hit 1k in 2016… go figure). Using TR to get fitter for the local rides but have no events scheduled.

I started SSB1LV on Nov 10 (8 weeks ago). Exchanged most of the weekend rides with outdoor rides. TSS was usually significantly higher than prescribed due to those outdoor rides and commuting by bike. It did not help that the health challenge from my Apple Watch set a target of 3800 activity minutes (2h per day) so I was also doing a lot of walking, which is not reflected in the TSS.

When I got into week 6 I was very fatigued. Did only the Tuesday workout and then life in form of Christmas came into the way. As I had a short vacation last week and was out of town decided to go on with SSB2LV this week. But now I am on a biz trip for a couple of days and won‘t be able to get on the trainer before Thursday. That is like 3 weeks after the last hard workout.

Now to my question:
How should I get back to structured training? Hit it off with a ramp test on Thursday? Do two harder workouts from SSB1 5th week and start next week with SSB2?

Although I have no competitions scheduled I would prefer to avoid to go back to SSB1 as I want to hit the roads in April and not postpone it another 6-8 weeks.

Stating the obvious you are adding additional stress into your day/week that is not accounted for the walking etc.

The purpose of structured training is to do the structure and Recovery stuff off the bike, not add what the Apple watch tells you to do, unless your Goal is to be good at walking :slight_smile:

Do the workouts as you have stated then Ramp test and do SSB2.

Cut out the huge amount of walking on top, except on maybe an active recovery day.

The other thing to add in here is have a Goal even if its imaginary and put that in Plan builder and let it Guide you towards that. You still want to peak sometime in the year.


You just made my day. I think I want to become a Walker :wink:

Thanks for your feedback!

My plan was to finish SSB and a built plan, but then revert to ourdoor cycling, being well aware this might not be good for performance development. Let’s see what I will say after the built plan :slight_smile: