SSB1 into SSB2 failure issues

Bit of prior info before my question:

  • All plans low volume, with me adding rides to sort of mid-volume
  • Finished SSB1 a week-ish ago with the last couple hard workouts needing dialling back/finish early as I’d be doing extra workouts outside of TR and I think the load was just too much.
  • Did a ramp test as moved from power via M2 trainer to my Stages gen3 cranks ~10W loss
  • Monday - Friday next week will be night shifts (then no nights for 3 weeks)
  • I’d scheduled SSB2 starting yesterday and just gave up halfway through (pos partly mental, partly legs)

Now on to my question: With the failure of the last two sweet spot workouts in SSB1 and the firts proper SSB2 workout do I:
a) carry on with SSB2 but be sensible and don’t add in extra workouts just cos I have a day off and feel fresh-ish.
b) Reset and do SSB1 again, moving into SSB2 when ready, again not adding tonnes of extra workouts.

Part of me thinks to start afresh, as the failures haven’t got me ready and any more failures are going to knock my mental state, other part says push SSB2 to after nights and just do some easy spins.

Continue, but stop doing extra workouts when failing your main ones.
I came strong out of SSB1HV, felt like S**T during SS workout nr 1 and 2 in SSB2HV. 3rd ok, 4th normal.

If you think you will fail your workout, have a backup workout that is easier mentally to make sure you get most of your interval time done.
Example, if i have 3x20min, i might do 2x20 then jump to monitor that has 6 on 1 off 6 on 1 off, higher IF but easier to manage when shorter interval duration.

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Assuming this is you:

You skipped or modified a lot of the SSB1 workouts, stretched out some of the weeks, did a ramp test, and then took two weeks almost completely off the bike (two structured workouts in that time, one of which was Pettit). The progressive training model TR uses relies on consistent, incremental increases to your training load, and I don’t think you got that in your pass through SSB1.

Your ramp result might be a little high at this point, but you can probably squeak by or dial your workout intensity down a few points. I’d say do SSB1LV again but nail it. Do every single workout as prescribed. I bet by the time you finish you’ll be set for SSB2.



If that is your TR calendar, weeks 3 & 4 of SSB2 are going to hit you like a truck. I would reset, possible retest and then start afresh with SSB1.

That is indeed me! I tested last week of Nov so will start SSB1 again.