Shaking towards the back end of anaerobic workout

I’d like to congratulate the author of the workout Pierce for the success in tending to his or her sadistic tendencies. Apart from that, given that this is the first workout in Short Power Build LV, I am left wondering how I should interpret the fact that I was shaking during the last two intervals. Shaking normally means that whatever I am doing won’t last much longer. So, can it be recovered from? Is it a matter of nutrition? Is it muscle fatigue? I didn’t eat during the workout. I had a GU gel on standby but chose not to use it that late in the workout.



You should definitely try to eat during the workout! If you think about it, if you were doing an equivalently difficult ride/race outdoors, you’d definitely be eating and drinking throughout to make it through. I’m sure you would feel a lot better toward the end of these workouts if you ate a bit, and had a couple GU gels. Best of luck!!