Shaking after completing a 1hr+ workout

Over the years of training, I’ve noticed following. Sometimes, after completing an 1hr+ intense workout I don’t eat immediately after.
Come 30-40 minutes later, I start getting hot flashes, sweat profusely and my whole body starts shaking.
The only way to stop that is to gobble down plenty of carbs (rice or pasta).

Just curious if this has something to do with my body being completely depleted of glycogen stores.

Also, does anyone else get the same reaction ?

Could be lots of things, can you describe your whole life around these events, rather than just the session?

I would get a similar thing if i had sweets or chocolate when i was otherwise carb depleted - basically unrefined, fast burning sugar. I’d put it down to an insulin response and refer to it as sugar shakes.

I’d say that it’s basically low blood sugar.

Nothing out of ordinary. It almost feels like bunking, but only after the workout, rather than during.
My diet is fairly good with lots of vegies and simpler carbs.

What’s ordinary for you might be strange to me, so I’d still say it could be lots of things - low blood sugar, blood pressure, malnutrition, overexhertion, poor recovery.

I would make sure I was well rested, eaten well before doing another session. Sit afterwards and take a recovery drink, take a nap about an hour later.

That’s happened to me after long big sessions on very busy days that I’m jumping right into something else. Like if I have plans with the family so I shower quickly and hop in the car without cooling down I’ll feel light headed and sick an hour later. Never a long term effect after more food and water.