Feeling neausous during hard workouts

During my last two workouts (Striped-4 and Hurd-2), coming into the last interval or intervals in Striped, I’ve had the a feeling in my stomach that I’m about to vomit. I haven’t experienced this before and I’m wondering if it has something to do with the IF (0.95 & 0.91), an adaptation to training (completing Sustained build LV then CX LV) or an FTP that may possibly be too high for this type of workout?

I completed similar to these last season during CX LV and don’t remember anything like this. I generally give myself a good period of time between eating and my workouts and typically only use water or PH1000 during a workout.

I’m happy to hear any advice people may have and whether anyone has experienced this and what you’ve done to try and solve the issue. I’m a little worried about the upcoming workouts given I may not be able to control what may or may not happen…

Hope everyone is safe and well.
Cheers Brad.

I make sure that the last meal I eat is at least 3 or even 4 hours before a very hard workout to avoid that.


I agree with @collax in that you should look at your nutrition. Make sure the meal is timed around 3 hours before hand, and for workouts at this intensity, go for gels or carb drink instead of solid foods if you are fueling on the bike.