Sensors not showing on TR

Hi, First time user of TR today and I found it very good. I’m using a free trial with virtual power due to my Tacx rollers, on the bike I’ve got 2 sensors, speed on the front hub and cadence on the crank. Both are Garmin but only speed is showing on my paired devices? I turned all other devices with BT off but still no joy. Both show on my edge 530 no problem and they also show up on Zwift. Any other ideas to help a newbie out? Thanks

What exact device is running the TR app?

  • Does it have Bluetooth only or ANT+ as well?

Likewise, what broadcast options do the Speed and Cadence sensors have (BLE, ANT+ or both)?

  • If BLE, make certain there is no other app or device already paired to it, because that would prevent TR from accessing it’s data.
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I’m using my laptop for TR. on the edge 530 both sensors info shows as ant +

Both show up on that unit and on Garmin connect app. But as I mentioned I had everything with BT turned off.

Not all PC bluetooth is created equal. Does your PC bluetooth support BTLE? What version of bluetooth does it support?

If you have a tablet or other device, you might see if the connections are found there. Also, if your PC doesn’t support BTLE then you could get an ANT+ reciever from garmin

I use Zwift on the same laptop (connected to TV with HDMI cable) and both show as paired devices but tried the same with TR and no cadence.

Both are listed on the head unit as ant +

Are you pairing with Zwift through the companion app or directly through bluetooth? Most use the companion because that is what Zwift was promoting. That would rely on your devices bluetooth, not the PC.

Both were paired via the laptop and not the companion app.

Does that include Zwift on the laptop?

Yes, used for Zwift on the laptop to. Also tried them on the companion app and both are picked up straight away.