Garmin sensors 2

I Have Garmin speed and cadence sensors 2. Do I need any more equipment for trainerroad to work?

Presumably those broadcast in ANT+ only?

If so, what device do you plan to use to run TrainerRoad?

  • You will need something that has native ANT+ support (like many Samsung mobile products) or an ANT+ stick (which you may already have if you have other Garmin products) to connect to a PC or Mac computer.

Here are a few articles that may be helpful:

I think the “2” version of the Garmin sensors does BLE and ANT+…

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After a quick search, that seems to be the case. As such, that opens the options wider and allows any device with is ANT+ or BLE. Same basic setup with those sensors needing to connect to an appropriate device to run TrainerRoad.

A bike and a turbo are also needed!! (TFIC)