Bluetooth connection

Been having a few speed/ cadence ant+ drop outs recently, this combined with my ant+ HRM not reading through the TR app (although connected) has made me look at connecting via bluetooth.

Laptop has bluetooth capabilities so managed to connect my HRM last night and get actual readings in the TR app - amazing I know!

But I’m stumped when it comes to the speed/ cadence sensor.

The unit is a Tacx T2015 (bluetooth compatible), I connected the unit to laptop via bluetooth last night and was getting both speed and cadence through the Tacx app. But the TR wouldn’t find the unit.

Any ideas?

Remove the trainer from the Tacx app and try again connecting to TR. It could be that the Tacx app is hogging the trainer signal.


Removed from Tacx app last night. and shut down all other bluetooth devices in the house to rule out anything hogging the signal.

TR app still couldn’t find it.

HRM worked without any problems via bluetooth.

What operating system are you running on your PC?

I found the following article - not sure if it relates to you? Mentions needing a BLED112 dongle on anything other than win10.

It’s windows 10 and my HRM is connected through the app via bluetooth.

So bluetooth in the desktop app is definitely working, it just won’t pick up the speed/ cadence sensor for whatever reason?!

Have you checked out this article

Yes, cheers.

The points brought up are moot though as I know the unit is connected to the laptop.

Think I’ll have to shoot support an email.

Holy old thread resurrection Batman!

I’ve just moved into parents whilst I’m waiting for my new house to be finalised. I setup trainer in garage last night and ploughed away with session but was frustrated with MANY speed/ cadence sensor dropouts. Heart rate monitor was fine throughout.

Both are connected via ANT+ - would there be a reason, other than battery life, one would drop and not the other? I was thinking initially that WIFI/ microwave interference might be an issue, but then why is it only affecting one unit?

My other option is to connect Speed/ Cadence via bluetooth, but I’m having the same problem as mentioned in my OP. The laptop can see the unit and is indicating it is connected (via laptop bluetooth manager) but the TR app can’t see it.

Any ideas as when I contacted support almost 2 years ago they too were stumped.

Thanks in advance!!!

Not strictly bluetooth, but been playing with my laptop past 2 nights in trying to find a solution.

Tried moving my setup into another room and playing with WIFI channels, 2.4/4.8ghz etc - gave up my session after about 15 mins with more ant+ dropout misery.

I then tried my old laptop, and what would you know - completely uninterrupted ant+ bliss.

Newer laptop is a couple of years old with Win 10, bluetooth capabilities etc and old is over 10 years old running windows 7 - both using the same Suunto Ant+ stick. What gives?