Seniors v Master w/kg category chart?

I’ve seen the Coogan chart where it shows typical w/kg for various categories, but does that apply across the board from seniors to masters. Is it an average across both age groups?

Is there a more detailed chart breaking down the cats again into seniors and masters. Assuming there must be some difference?

I’ve not seen one.

On a related note in WKO there is a chart credited to William Renfroe, and the description states:

“There are horizontal lines marking the various standards (World Class, etc.). Levels are numbered in the same fashion as the power duration curve standards (0 to 7). The age adjustment is loosely based on a chart by Donny Ki using a 1% discount applied to the reference standards for each year after age 30.”

I’ve briefly looked at the formula in the chart.

Example (age: late fifties)

  • left is versus reference
  • right is age adjusted
3 Likes has a chart where it compares your watts to other users based on age.

It’s a good tool and free.


Yes, as above, in intervals icu you can easily change the age group and see how you compare. (Dropdown menu next to the power category chart). However, I’d guess the database for this is just all other users, so might be skewed.

Cuisack has said that the age scaled chart is just a linear scale factor or some such applied. ‘Not of much value beyond entertainment’.

yup, I partially deconstructed the formula and confirmed the 1% discount for every year over 30.