How does your Watt/kg stack up against other TR athletes?

A little while back I posted this video that showed you some of the stuff we were working on.

One of them was a watt/kg calculator that showed how you ranked against all TR athletes, men, and women.

It’s now live!! Check it out here: Watts Per Kilogram Calculator (Plus Comparison to Other Cyclists) - TrainerRoad

This isn’t the general cycling population. These are people who had the motivation and drive to sign up for TrainerRoad. So when you compare yourself, know that you’re most likely in a much higher percentile compared to all cyclists or even cyclists who do events.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Cool little tool. As a recent new member to the Five Oh club… having a filter for age group brackets (10 year buckets?) would be nice. And I’m also guessing some people would like to see raw watts values as an additional switch. Pretty much aligned with that similar data TR population you shared years ago.


How do I enter a negative FTP?


Yeah I have that older post bookmarked. I would love to see a breakdown including age. A bunch of links are compiled here for those who are interested.

In other news: once I lose weight,* it’s over for you hoes.**
*I will absolutely not be losing weight anytime soon.
** No offense intended or implied to anyone here, and/or to sex workers


Yah, i would like age buckets and raw watts too. I did the data analysis of this with chat GPT :smiley:. So they are really waiting on me to get that next set of data in.


By that you mean that you reached 5.0 W/kg, right? :wink:


This is really cool. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’m average. I thought I was certainly below average.

By gender?

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Male / Female filtering is already an option. You select it under the chart once you hit “Calculate”. The default is All, but swap as desired and it updates:


96th percentile…yet I get dropped by everyone I ride with lol. I need to get slower friends to build up my confidence.


This leads to a question. Where exactly is that data coming from?

  • Is it purely the user entered weights and FTP or some other source TR holds separate from that user info?

This might matter because we know the countless issues with people having things like incorrect FTP values, questionable power data sources (virtual power, shady trainers, etc.) and most likely pure user weight entry (since I don’t think TR is pulling that from elsewhere).

I suspect the data falls mostly in line with reality, but it’s probably worth at least considering the potential it may be skewed for some reasons.


Look, if I weight dope on Zwift, you damn well better believe I’m gonna weight dope to see where I stack up against other TR users.

99th percentile…suck it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its awesome. I dont care about raw watts but age bracket would be nice.

Ideally 5 year brackets for me would be better as I do think there is a big difference in those that hit 60 vs in their late 60s. More observational then anything.


And in a nice illustration of basic statistics, clicking from all to male will only change the %ile by a few points, reinforcing that the overall proportion of female users is quite small.


Yeah, I did the same test, coming to the same conclusion.

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This is cool but really should be in the app and career webpage using my respective weight and FTP entered there.

It’s a cool marketing approach for manual entry and this proves it’s easy enough to do.

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I usually prefer to look at my lunar w/kg of 22.5


They dont use TR, just saying. Oh sorry I thought I was in the unpopular opinion thread. :sweat_smile:

Interesting little tool.

Put varoius points in time in, and general vary between 96% and 98%

Or they’re a better rider … which may also be as a result of not using TR (indoor riding) :hushed: