Age Adjusted Cyclist Power Profile?

Many will be familiar with the power profiles that you can use to compare yourself with other riders and allow you to determine your phenotype.

Do similar tables exist but adjusted to take account of age. e.g. for 40-50 50-60 etc.?

The data is out there for sure, there must be plenty on the Trainerroad itself, just wonder if anyone has collected it.

Have a look at Nate’s posts in the ‘Bell Curve’ thread. He provides some charts for ftp by age (for TR users) which is quite enlightening.

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WKO5 has some decent age adjusted charts - obviously you need to be a subscriber to access.

In my age bracket on there are just short of 700 users and they also have charts. Will only tell you where you are within this group though.

Do you mean the WAC chart? If so I’m afraid that’s a red herring. If you look at the config it’s just a rough adjustment on the basic WAC which as far as I’m aware has no evidential basis.

This feature is available on Almost 5k athletes across gender and age ranges as well as plotting your W/Kg on the coggan classification charts


Thanks that’s the best data I have found so far.

But it’s not quite what I am after. FTP is a very blunt tool and even more so when it is self reported (as I think these numbers are)

The enlightening thing about power profiles is that they allow you to determine your phenotype.

My guess would be that the shape of these phenotype curves would change with age, specifically the sprint one flattening at a greater rate than the time trial.

Great, just taken a look and it seems the sort of thing I mean. But will have to boot up my other computer to check it out, this one has a terrible FTP

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From memory some of it is self-reported but TR has a high proportion of users with PMs. There’s a bigger risk of selection bias imho as it’s data from just one platform.

Enlightening nonetheless.

Turned out to be what I was after. It’s a great site, wish I had discovered it earlier

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