Select power source?, when training with two...?


I run dual sided assioma pedals on a Kurt kinetic road machine with inride power. I do need to pair the KK inride for speed but would prefer power from the (more accurate) favero assioma pedals. Some sessions get recorded with inride as power source, others with favero. Is there a way for me to specify this?


Your phone or laptop running TrainerRoad is pairing with whichever device it happens to see first. Try spinning the pedals backwards to get the pedals transmitting before spinning the rear wheel in a forward direction to make the Inride start transmitting.

TrainerRoad always shows pairing with both. Both. And source seems random after finishing the workout.

In settings for either device, I can go cadence only, but not more granular. From inride I’d prefer to use speed only…

read more carefully now- ok, try to engage pedals before spinning the wheel! i’ll do that on next ride.