Two potential power sources in TR

I’ve an old Kinetic Road Machine I still use from time-to-time.

I used to use it with a Kinetic InRide 3 (cough! :grimacing:) sensor as the power source. Yesterday I stuck a 4iiii power meter-equipped bike onto the trainer and used the 4iiii as the power source and told TR to ‘forget’ the InRide. After the workout, I realised that without a speed sensor being present there was no mileage/distance associated with the workout, which I missed I bit, as I use that mileage to keep rough tabs on when things need servicing…

So I’ve had a look just now at using both the 4iiii and the inRide together - TR connected to both simultaneously so that it can record the “speed” numbers from the inRide. But, since both devices act as Power sources , how do I know (or control) which one TR is reading the Wattage number from?

Obviously, I want to TR to be using use the Watts number from the 4iiii, and only the Speed number from the inRide.

It’s not obvious there are settings for me to change to control this, so is it automatic and if so what rules does the TR app follow in deciding precedence?


When you have two or more devices for one piece of data, TR automatically selects what it thinks is the “best” one.

In your case, I would guess it will take the 4iiii PM over the IR. If you pair both, and complete a workout, the main power device will be listed in the workout page.

We don’t have a way to specify a choice. And we also don’t know if we lose connection from one device, and TR swaps to the remaining one. At best, you may see these of one active device in the list, but you have to open Devices and see which one dropped.

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