Integrating power pedals/smart trainer with trainerroad

curious on how everyone sets up their power pedals/smart trainer with trainerroad. do you record data your head unit at all? or just record everything into trainerroad?

I have a 2017 Kickr and Assioma Duo pedals. Indoors, I just record on TR, don’t use my head unit. I use mostly erg mode and power match.


I’ve never understood the point of dual recording a workout.

Just sync it all on trainerroad, use your primary power source as power, and power match will adjust the trainer accordingly.


Kickr 2018 and Vector 3 dual-sided here. Also just record in TrainerRoad and not with head unit

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I dual record in TrainerRoad and then on my Garmin Fenix. I record on the Garmin to keep my body battery and other metrics accurate.


I never had that issue as I ride in zwift while doing my trainerroad, and zwift sends to garmin too, and updates my metrics too.

That makes sense as a reason to have another recording, but mine are all from the same power source anyways. :joy:

I dual record my pedals on my head unit and the trainer on TR. I occasionally check them against each other to verify they’re both working correctly. Doing so helped me identify when temperature compensation on the trainer started to fail and I switched to Power Match. I still dual record although I guess it’s a bit moot. (It also feeds all the Garmin algorithms. )

I do the same - unhelpfully, some particular metrics in Garmin are device-specific rather than ecosystem-specific. So even with syncing TR workouts to Garmin, they don’t get captured in the metrics. So now my Garmin has dual recordings for my cycling activities, which helps me capture certain metrics, but other metrics are doubled! You can’t win.

I’ll dual record partly so I have a back up to TR in the event of a crash (its only happened once in two years though) and mainly because garmin connect captures more data like training effect and VO2 max (it doesn’t gather that from the TR recording). Its also good to have a screen right in front of my face when I’m head down in a TT position interval; and I have HR set to %Max on the Garmin which is more meaningful to me (I don’t know if I can change TR from bpm).

You’re getting the right advice here about PowerMatch, just jumping in to open the line of communication via DM if you have any questions or if I can lend a hand as you’re getting that set up. PowerMatch, Plan Builder, or otherwise, we’re here to help!

Ivy - would you recommend using TR powermatch or a kickr app internal power matching for the most consistent experience?

Sorry for the delayed response!
It should be a similar experience from a functionality standpoint. If you use TrainerRoad Powermatch however, we’ll be able to offer you better help if something is either amiss or if you need a second look at any Powermatch setting/experience.

Let us know if you need a hand.

PS: your rides have been looking so solid moving into this next block, keep up the amazing work!

I don’t think that’s true: My VO2 max / Training load / recovery time constantly update, with my TR workouts, after garmin connect syncs with my Fenix 6. To be clear, I no longer use any garmin device to see/record indoor workouts.

It doesn’t work for me, I don’t get training status either. Last night confirmed why I dual record, for some reason TR refused to sync to Strava :exploding_head: I could be wrong but the last two times my pc app has downloaded an update and I never reset it straight away, it has failed to do so :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Do you have TR connected to garmin connect directly (not via strava)?

TR syncs to both Garmin and Strava for me usually, except the last two times my pc has fully downloaded the latest TR update before starting the ride for some reason it failed to sync. Touchwood when there is no fully down loaded update it has always synced :exploding_head: My ancient laptop probably doesn’t help either.

Without wanting to continue the digression of the thread (but I’m going to anyway). Just for info. My VO2/training load etc updates in Garmin Connect, when I sync my 530, but I dont actually use the 530 to record TR sessions. I have true-up activated and assumed it uses that somehow during synchronisation.

So for an example, I use TR with Neo2, I have a Garmin watch sending HR data to TR (I dont have a VO2 capable watch, its a Garmin Instinct which doesnt support it), but the 530 does. So until I sync the 530, garmin tells me I have no data with which to update the VO2/trainingload/recovery features. But it DOES update those metrics whenI sync the 530, even though I havent used the 530 to record with…

Make sense?! :crazy_face:

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I think it makes sense. My even more non capable watch (a Vivioactive) only records nonsense HR data so I never broadcast it, perhaps that’s where it falls down for me :thinking: :crazy_face: :exploding_head:

Mine’s only an Instinct Solar. Which only records good HR data if you’re “recording an activity” (I just discard after use), or if you’re resting :smile:

(Further apologies for the digression!)

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