Sometimes powerdata from my Assioma duo is used, sometimes from my Kickr core

For some reason sometimes the power from my pedals (assioma duo) is used and sometimes from the kickr. See my ride below, after the first over/under I had to do a quick bathroom break and the power source seemed to have changed. Looking back at my other rides sometimes TR seems to use the pedals and sometimes the trainer as source. How can I tell TR is using the correct input and is there a way to determine the offset between the two because during my last ramp test now looking back during the actual ramping TR seems to have used the trainer, not my pedals

Just have TR forget the 2nd device. Then it won’t be able to connect to it.

I want it to always use the pedals and I can’t make it forget the kickr …

Go into the app, select “devices”, then click the “cog”, then “forget device”

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But then how will TR control the trainer?

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I thought you wanted to use your pedals, not the trainer?

For power data, but he still wants ERG control for the trainer, which means both need to be connected to TR.


If TR sees the pedals then it will prioritize taking power from those over the trainer.

I can only assume that the rides where it has used your trainers power then the pedals were either disconnected (most likely) or in cadence only mode (unlikely as you would have had to select this).

I have got into the habit of making sure at all the devices are connected prior to starting a workout but (and this might depend on what device you are running TR on) the number of devices connected is also shown during the workout.

Edit: just checked the ride the op posted. You can tell that the ride started using the kickr power and then found the pedals after the toilet break - kickr ERG power smoothing :nauseated_face:

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So he wants TR power during the workout but pedal power on Strava? Seems like your FTP and zones would all be hosed.

TR said 3 devices where connected right from the start as expected (kickr, assiomas and heart rate monitor). I basically left all settings in default mode and paired my assiomas to my kickr as source for power in the wahoo app

I guess I need to go back and re-read. I seem to have missed something.

AHH ok.

I wouldn’t pair the pedals to your kickr - that can cause confusion because then it’s hard to determine what the pedals are connected to.

You are much better off disconnecting the pedals from the kickr in the wahoo app and then just use TRs power match feature.

Power match allows you to control the workout with the trainer and receive the power from the pedals. Any discrepancy between power reported between your trainer and pedals will be corrected by the TR software so the intervals will be at the correct level.

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Ahh! Sorry. Reading @kevstraining reply, I see it was me that didn’t understand. I get it now. Apologies for the confusion @mcneese.chad


LOL, no sweat. I’m on the trainer and my reading comprehension is more suspect than usual :stuck_out_tongue:

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