Use cadence from pedals not trainer

The cadence data from my Zumo trainer is rubbish. I use Assioma pedals and have the Android TrainerRoad app with Power Match set to Auto to use the power data from my pedals rather than the Zumo’s guestimate. The app still seems to display and record cadence from the Zumo rather than the Assiomas. Is it possible to make the app display and record cadence from my Assiomas?

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I think you should be able to do just that… but I can’t answer to the Android app version. I have a Wahoo Kickr (which doesn’t even have the capability to output cadence data), Assioma pedals, and use Apple everything. When I run TR workouts I select my Kickr as my power meter and my Assioma pedals as my cadence meters (hell of an expensive cadence meter).

I don’t know what your interface looks like through Android, but when I connect my pedals to my phone through TR and go into the settings I have these options. Right there - “use cadence only” - boom! Expensive cadence meters engaged. Hope this helps.

Thanks. I’d seen that option but I’m wanting to use my pedals as both a source for power and cadence.

Ahh, gotcha. I got too focused on the last part of your question. You should be able to do that… but you will probably lose ERG mode capabilities. You’d probably have to change the settings of your trainer to “simulation” mode. I’m a bit out of my depth here though. Sorry I can’t help any. Best of luck.

In theory, TR should pull data from the “best” source for that data. In this case, with a trainer and power meter both reporting Cadence, TR “should” take it from the pedals. But that may not be happening for some reason. We don’t have a way to know or select which one to pull data from specifically.

So, I think you should contact to see if they can help.


Thanks @mcneese.chad. If you can’t properly measure it you can’t properly manage it

I don’t have a power meter, so no powermatch, but I have a kickr core connected, which broadcasts cadance, but it’s calcluated on the powercurve, so backpedals are not measured :smiley:
Therefore I have added a cheap 8 dollar cadance sensor, which automatically over rules the trainer cadance in the android app, or the windows app. If that’s not the case for you, maybe powermatch is messing things up

This is an option but I would much rather have my power meter be the more accurate (or at least more consistent indoors and out) option than my cadence measurement being more correct. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like TR allows you to choose your pedals for both but given the either/or option I would rather choose the power pedals for power and not cadence.

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Yeah, this all points to what I think we have requested in the past. We want to specifically designate which device to associate with a particular sensor input. TR will freely substitute if/when dropouts happen, and the users has no idea that a swap or issue has occurred.

It leads to confusion since we never really “know” what data is coming from when we have multiple devices paired. Zwift and other apps allow specific designation of a sensor to a piece of data, and that is a better approach, IMO.

I’m gonna bump this Feature Request. :crossed_fingers:


Much appreciated :smiley:

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