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Hi Nat, Chad & Johnathan

Before the calendar was launched I used to search for previous rides of the same name once I had completed a workout to see how I compared to previous rides of the same name, power, heart rate etc.

Since the calendar launch the search bar has disappeared.

Can this be added back in… please

Many Thanks

If you select Workouts, you can search right there.

Or once you’ve completed your ride, you can click into the ride detail, then at the bottom click on the Source Workout.

At the bottom of a ride you’ve ridden before, you can click on My Rides to see all your previous workouts for that ride.

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You can also go to:

  • Career > Past Rides, and then Search…

Hi Mcneese

Thank you for that info much appreciated. I used to be able to search from within the APP but it looks like you have to now view online to use the search function?

I see. Yeah, that search from the app side may have been removed. I am guessing it is related to the whole change to the Calendar.

We are seeing more functions added to the app and I think the goal is for it to mimic the web. So I think we might see the search return on the app side as the Calendar integration continues.

You can search in the App under Career (at least in Mac you can).

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