Feature request: quick access to previous efforts of the current workout

In Calendar when you click on a workout you get a popup dialog. Depending on whether you have completed the workout or not you end up on a different page when you click on the RH graphic.

If you haven’t yet done the workout you are taken to the workout’s “home” page from where you can view the workout description, all your completed efforts at it or those of others, variations, etc.

If you have done the workout then you get the analytical version of the page where you can enter notes, view the power data etc.

So … Could the latter page also have links to “My Rides” in the same way as the first variant does? The links to open in a new tab so you can easily compare the current effort and previous ones. This would be much easier than going back through the Calendar for maybe a year’s worth of workouts. The other way to get to this data is to open the Workouts page, find the workout, open that and then go “My Rides”. Both methods are clunky.


Your other option is to scroll to the bottom of your completed workout and click on “source workout”.