Better search and edit tools for rides

Generically spoken:
Please implement better search/filter options for past rides with the ability to multi-select the results and perform actions on those.

That could be extended step by step to solve some problems.

Specific examples:

  • Search rides by power source and then perform the action “exclude power data from personal record graph”
    (for example if you want to quickly exclude data from a high reading device as said here recently Power graph improvement? )
    or the action “Set different FTP”
    (as pointed out here Recording more than one FTP)
  • Serach all rides with no TSS (possible now) and multi-select some results and perform actions like “set fixed TSS” or “set TSS dependent on RPE” (as is now possible for a single picked ride) or maybe “set TSS dependent on heart rate”

@Nate_Pearson @Bryce @Pete
Once that “filter and multi-select rides and perform an action on those” function is in place it has a huge benefit if generically implented (I speak with an dev background :slight_smile:). Then you just add search filter options or actions very simple as needed to address and solve specific problems (as the examples above).


Thanks for the recommendation! I think this could be an extremely valuable addition, I’ll pass it on to our Product Managers :+1:


Not to create a new thread, but same topic - Past Ride search functionality. Today there is very limited use of search. I like that it searches the comment text, and I started leaving my own markers, but it would be so much more useful if functionality was added, such as:

-Filter by Type of workout search (VO2, SS, threshold, endurance, etc.) – this would be great to compare performance over similar (but differently named) workouts. e.g. Sleeping Beauty and Taylor are both VO2 with 30 on/off.
-Filter by time, NP, IF, etc.
-Show Avg. HR in workout summary – to see how HR was in different instances of the same workout
-Fix losing the filtered results when you click into a workout – this is REALLY annoying. I am comparing workouts, click into one and then click out and the search list is gone, replaced by the total, most recent first unfiltered list.
-Save/Show stoppage time - I know, not search specific (though showing it in past ride summary would be good), but being able to show where I stopped/paused during a workout would be helpful. If I pause a workout, I can’t see that easily. Rather inferring from a power spike, or a big change in HR. Would be great to see total time and where in the work out the stop happened - similar to outdoor rides.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass this on as well!

Our immediate development roadmap is fairly fixed at this point in time, but as resources free up, we may be able to implement some of these improvements :slight_smile:

Thanks! Fixing the “back” button issue would be low hanging fruit - and would be fixing a bug, not new feature. :slight_smile:

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I just tried to replicate this issue and was unable to in either the app or the Web.

Could you give me a little extra info so that I can try to replicate this?

Is this issue happening in the app or web?

If app:

  • What device
  • What version number
  • What operating system

If Web:

  • What browser

Thanks for your help investigating this issue!

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Web site on ios, Chrome. Is there a way to look at the “past rides” view in the app?

Say I search for Pettit in past rides. A list of the 15 times I did Pettit comes up. I click on one of them to see the details. When I am done, I click the back button on the browser, which brings me back to the search / past rides page. Now, instead of the 15 pettits, it shows the full, unsearched list of ALL my workouts. Frustrating when I want to compare rides and click in and out of them.

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Maybe you could rght click on one workout and open it in a different browser tab? So the list with the serch results stays in the first tab and instead of going back you just close the second tab with the workout.


I think these are great suggestions, in particular the first one. I recently quit a VO2 Max (Dade +1) and want to see how I’ve performed other VO2 workouts in the past. Thanks for putting it in the development roadmap.


This is pretty peculiar. I also use Chrome on iOS, but when searching Past Rides, if I search Pettit, click into a specific ride, and then click back, I still see the list of past Pettit rides.

As a workaround, you can long press on the workout you hope to analyze, and then select “Open in New Tab”. This will allow you to open all the workouts you want to review, and then toggle between them easily by switching windows.

Sorry for the late response but I hope this helps!

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Thanks Bryce – I think another poster mentioned the same - not sure why I hadn’t thought of that too! Works well!

+1 for an extended search functionality. I was looking for an outdoor ride performed last year - I knew the approx distance but still hat to click the “load more rides” quite a few times…

@Bryce: In case you do some redesigning of the “past rides” page, I’d like to add a sort by… functionality to the wish list. :slight_smile:


Would be a great product feature to help compare similar style / zone workouts