Ride history search

Since my recent days on the calendar are - YELLOW.
I wanted to search my indoor training history for the same workout to see any difference.
I must be overlooking the option to search for the history of past workouts.
Can you help?

Your TR web page > Career > Past Activities, enter desired workout name in Search box:

Any term in Search may also return workouts with that term in your Activity Notes, so you may have to skip over some unrelated results. This may also include the +/- versions of the workout of the same name.

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Additionally, if you load any workout from the main TR Workouts library, scroll towards the bottom and activate the “My Rides” tab, you will get a list of those workouts specifically.

This is exclusively that single workout in your history, excluding all +/- versions from that list.

sorry to be a pain but my TR main page does not have either of those options: Career - Past Activities or Workouts - My Rides
I guess I have old software - tried to update but didn’t work.
But thanks for your help.


Sounds like you are trying this from the TR app.

Per my opening:

You MUST do this on the web portal access , since the actual TR app lacks this functionality.