Another feature request: Previous attempts at current workout

It would be nice if I’m looking at today’s workout in the calendar, let’s say Antelope +4, there’s a way to quickly look at all the times I’ve done Antelope +4 and see the previous workout chart, TSS, avg power, normalized power, etc. to quickly see how easy or difficult the workout was the last time I did it, or if I was even able to complete it and how much I’ve improved compared to last time based on TSS.


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Already possible via the website.

  1. Go to the scheduled workout on your calendar.
  2. Click to view the full workout.
  3. Scroll down on the workout page, and select the “My Rides” section.
  4. You will see your recent attempts (if any) of the selected workout.
  • this includes the quick profile and notes (if added).
  • you can load any of the prior rides to see full details.


This doesn’t work on the iOS app though. I do most my rides through this and personally I would find it very useful to see my previous ride notes immediately before I do the ride as they may give me tips or advice from when I have done it before.
Would be very useful product development team!

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I’m under the impression there’s a bit of a rewrite in progress for the mobile apps. Hopefully that ends up including embedding the ride review functionality and such from the website. I think that was part of the motivation, anyway… Always nice to implement a feature once and have it mostly included for free on all your platforms.