Samsung Galaxy Tab A- ANT, Bluetooth

I bought one about a month ago, specifically to use with the TR app.
Twice it hasn’t picked up the ANT or Bluetooth. The rest of the times it has been flawless.

This is theb1st Android device in my household, so I am learning. The 2nd time I restarted the device, but that did not help.
My Garmin head unit captured all the data, ANT.

If I google Samsung ANT, I am not finding anything relevan.

Any tips?


Could be signal strength. I always use a usb extension cable and ant+ dongle with my Galaxy tablet to get it nearer to the trainer.

Idk, it is always in the same place. Seems to occur about every 10th ride.

I’ve occasionally had Ant+ issues when using iPad with Ant+ adapter. Usually rebooting the iPad helps. Now I’m in the habit of shutting down the iPad between workouts.

Perhaps trying something similar with the Samsung tablet might help?