Tablet or computer with ant+

I recently bought a tablet to use with trainerroad but the tablet didn’t work with TrainerRoad.
The tablet has bluetooth 4.0 and android 7.1.1 with a otg cable and a ant+ stick.
The ant+ stick with the computer works very well but not with the tablet.
I found that the tablet kernel doesn’t have the HAL ANT+ SERVICE active. It’s disable and it’s very common with several tablet’s.
Can you post what tablet (brand and model/ android version) do you use it with TrainerRoad.
Just to, we have a list of the tablet’s (or ipad) that work.
Best regards to all.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m quite sure that most people using a tablet (Android or iOS) are using Bluetooth instead of ANT+. All the new smart trainers support BT so it’s worth buying a BT HRM and/or cadence sensor.

I use a Tacx Flow Smart and support BT (but i just can’t connect it anyway with BT).
I think the tablet didn’t connect with BT smart too.
My Garmin HRM/candence and speed sensor are ant+…not BT :disappointed:

I use a Sony Xpeiria Z3 Compact Tablet which has ANT+ built in, works well with TR for me, you just need to make sure you have the right apps from ANT+ to get everything working

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@pirnie, what is the android version?

I’d have to check when I get home but I’d guess it’s still on marshmallow (6.x)