Saddles - need your opinions

Hi all,

Do you use (have you tried) those new 3d printed saddles from Specialized, Fizik etc…? What is/was your experience?


I had one of the fizik ones on loan. The Antares is the Fizik saddle shape I generally go for (and the saddle that was already on the bike was an Antares, so it was a straight swap.
Absolutely loved it. If it wasn’t so ludicrously expensive I would have bought one. I was really surprised with how good it was.
The cost at the moment for them is just so high. I’m banking (and definitely hoping) on it coming down quite a bit by the time I need a new saddle

I have the Fizik 3d saddle on my gravel bike and have about 1500 miles in on it. It is a great fit for me and I will be buying another for the road bike this spring. It is very comfortable for miles and miles. Agree it is on the expensive side, for me it has been worth every penny.

Did about 2,000 miles so far on a specialized Power Mirror saddle. It is crazy expensive, but it did eliminate my issues and never even thinking about the saddle anymore. In the beginning I had to get used to the (lateral) flexibility of the saddle, if you throw your hips to one side to avoid an object on the road it feels like the movement of the bike is a little delayed or maybe there is less feedback from the bike. But not racing so this is of little concern to me and got used to it quickly. Can recommend it.

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What issues were you having that the mirror helped out with? I’m thinking of getting one, just trying to gain some feedback on it.

Mostly pressure on the sit-bones. Tried many different saddle (power expert) positions but did not resolve the issue. The mirror solved that instantly.

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