New road saddle

50 yo lean guy currently on fizik Alliante R1 saddle .don’t hate it but want something a little more comfortable but still fairly light. I KNOW saddles are very personal but I just want some ideas to explore.

That’s the saddle I’ve got but a lot of people I know have moved onto a Specialized (I think the power). I’ve an older Specialized on my winter bike (Avatar) and I really like it for comfort whilst still light.

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Selle Italia SLR boost super-flow - or the Selle Italia SLR boost TM if you don’t like the cut out

several shops on the US Amazon have prime shipping and free returns

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If you want to try the specialized power (short nose style) you can get an Amazon knock off called the ec90 that’s the same shape and 30 bucks. I have it on every bike.

Only thirty bucks to try out that style and see if you like it.

I highly recommend.

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Such a personal preference. However the saddle you have seems prone to becoming less comfortable as hours accumulate (LBS comment).

Last season I switched to Prologo Scratch M5 saddles. Have used all versions - PAS and solid. The CPC version is very solid. Ive only used the Ti rail saddles

I know a lot of ppl who have switched w varying sizes and weights - and seem pretty happy


some saddles have sizes…anyone know a way to judge size without going to a fitter?

and many more options.

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I am a 53 y/o with moderate flexibility and just purchased the Specialized Power Mirror and am very happy with it. I had a Fizik before and would get mild numbness, slight discomfort and some saddle sores. It’s only been 1 week on the new saddle but I can already tell the difference. Not cheap at all but worth every penny in my opinion.

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I tried this, and confirmed that the shape works well for me - but I was always worried about durability of the ec90 (plastic base version, not carbon) as it seemed very flexy.

I picked up a Power Comp in the sales and it’s as I thought : close enough in size shape that the ec90 was a good test, but the construction is quite different. The Specialized saddle has much, much less flex in the plastic base, but has deeper padding. It’s actually MORE comfortable like this for me. Maybe the ec90 had softened up with about a year of use, but the Spesh saddle supports my sit bones much better.

I am POSITIVE it’s infinitely better (the real version). But to put it on all my bikes would he 6-900 versus 90 bucks.

I’ve been in it for about a year and happy so far. If it has a failure I would probably upgrade to the real thing on my main bike if needed.