New Fizik Saddle - Argo Adaptive

Looks like Fizik is releasing a new saddle at the end of the month. I’m riding a Specialized Power Expert with Mimic right now in 143mm. I had a Power Mirror previously but it was in 155mm (bad sit bone measurement from the LBS). I get a lot of pressure on my sit bones when upright on the Expert that were much less noticeable on the Mirror, but not entirely non-existent. The Argo Adaptive looks to have a similar shape as the Power (which I think is about right for me - just needs to be tweaked) and I’m interested in trying it. Has anyone ridden both Specialized and Fizik saddles and what are your thoughts? TIA!

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werent they just announced/not available for purchase til end of april?

James Huang showed pics of one from Sea Otter.

My concern is those bands across the surface right where I wouldn’t want a hard spot.

I’d wait for some real world feedback. I tried a normal Argo before going to a Power. Although they look the same, for me the Argo edges felt very different and uncomfortable, even though the sit bone support was very similar.

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They already have a similar shape and size saddle with the antares evo vs adaptive saddle. The biggest difference between the argo and antares is the argo has a higher back rise. Otherwise they’re the same shape and length.

I’m very happy with my antares and not a fan of the argo shape after using both.

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I have the same problem with Spec saddle sizing. Their little measurement tool says I’m a 155 but now on a really narrow fizic and love it

How narrow? And which Fizik saddle are you using? I bailed on the last 20 min of todays workout because my arse was so uncomfortable. :frowning:

132mm arione R3 open. It’s not soft but I don’t get that shit bone numbness anymore. I have a theory the non open one might be more comfortable A buddy of mine has an R1 and I found it really comfortable. I’m seeing the r1 has softer padding so that may contribute

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Actually my bad. It was an aliante

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are you sure about that? The argo nose looks significantly shorter than the antares

Its ~10mm shorter overall

I did a video where I stack them right on top of each other.

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When you stacked them you can tell it’s shorter in the nose as well

Anyone know a release date on this. I saw at the trade shows the date for US was end of April. Nothing firm from Fizik.