Fizik R1 Adaptive Vento Argo Saddle

Anyone have experience with this saddle? Just want to try something different. Nothing wrong with the current saddle other than I’ve maybe 20K miles on it. Mainly wondering about the durablity of the 3D’s…

My Antares adaptive started breaking after 2 years. The links in the diamond pattern broke.

I didn’t have a proof of purchase so Fizik didn’t want to replace it (understandable). They would’ve replaced it otherwise.

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I have the Specialized version. I believe they are all printed by the same company for both brands. After 1 year I see no wear at all. ( about 10k miles). My Asso bibs allow me to move on the seat pretty easily. However my Rapha bibs kinda stay glued in one spot.


I have one on 3 different bikes (road, tt, wb atom)… I like a short nose saddle and found these great…

The one on my wattbike takes a hammering as both me & my other half use it daily, no issues at all with it.

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I‘ve had one since last spring, put maybe 10k km on it…

Love it to death, and it still feels as good as new

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I have both a Vento and Antares. I like the Vento better.

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This saddle was a big swing and a miss for me. Two major issues. I felt like I could feel the honeycomb pattern through my Castelli bibs and found that very uncomfortable. I noticed the new specialized saddles have flat tops, I’m wondering if it’s for that reason.

Second issue was the saddle width, specifically the taper from the seat bone area to the nose. I found this much too wide even though my sit bones felt planted on the narrower saddle. I have big thighs (I mean I’m a cyclist) and would get alit of inner thigh rubbing. Also the transition from the 3d printer surface to the shell cause my bib shorts to fray like crazy. I went to the Sella Italia superboost slr and couldn’t be happier.

Also I felt glued in place on the saddle. I like this on the road, hates it on the trainer. I found long efforts on the trainer really hard because I couldn’t naturally wiggle into different positions.

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Thanks for the comments everyone! I’m going to try to find one today.

Just got the Antares and love it. Curious why you think the Vento feels better or is it simple as “it just does”?

I think it’s because I have an Antares on boy my road/gravel bike and trainer bike. Trainer fit being that much more picky and if anything is off you feel it no matter how fancy the saddle is.

It isn’t great on my trainer, but I had zero issues with it on my 150 miler last month, as well as it being a non issue at Unbound on the 100. So for the trainer it could be more of a fit issue than the saddle itself.

The other wild card is it could be not as good as it used to be because I’ve gotten a lot fitter. e.g. I’ve lost weight so large Assos bibs no longer work for me, they bunch up and cause problems. Same thing gain/loss in that area is impacting saddle fit in static situations like on the trainer, but have yet to manifest on the road. :man_shrugging:

It’s odd, isn’t it. The Power mirror is the only saddle I can do 3 hours on the trainer with, but outside, while not uncomfortable, it never ‘disappears’. My Romin totally disappears on the road, but after 2 hours on the trainer, it’s really not comfortable. I’ve swapped saddles and bikes over and the outcome is exactly the same. :person_shrugging:

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I’ve just borrowed one from my LBS as they’re building me a bike. Will report back but jeez it looks WIDE. I’ve traditionally used a SI SLR Superflow which was great for up to say three hours. I’ve also got a Fizik adaptive Antares which is the identical shape to the SLR but has the 3D mesh - it’s fine - not as comfortable as I’d hoped and as someone said you can kind of feel the honeycomb itching you a bit. Also the wings feel a little sharp against the crease between arse cheek and thigh. Think I may just end up reverting to the SLR but want to give this new one a spin as it’s a free lender.

1st ride today. I like it. Impressions on the R1 Adaptive VA size 140:

-It’s sticky meaning you can’t “slide around” on it like a pleather or leather surface. You kind of have to lift your bum up off the surface a bit and place it where you want it. For me, today this was a really good thing doing high power intervals. I (we) all tend to slide forward which is fine but, this saddle I felt way more locked it. Like I had more leverage with the bars and perhaps I did. IDK just reporting what I felt. Power was good so there’s that.

-If you have a saddle slammed forward do some research on these rails as Fizik seems to have short rails. I had plenty of room to push the Bontrager saddle forward but, to get the same reach with the Fizik it’s slammed.

-It’s flatter at the widest part compared to the Bontrager. At 10cm behind the nose it’s a little wider. The general shape from the nose sort of widens out quicker than the Bontrager.

-It has less profile than the Bontrager OR I think my Bontrager has started to wear (20k miles on it). So, for that reason the Fizik felt like I was sitting higher but, in reality I think I was sinking into the Bontrager (not good). I felt more of a platform if that makes sense.

-The center channel is much softer and gives more than the part of the saddle that supports your sit bones. Results was no discomfort to soft tissue areas.

-Weight was 190g.

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Just got off a one hour sweet spot ride on the 150 version of this saddle (lender from LBS). It doesn’t feel as wide as it looks, but I think too wide for me - 140 might feel better. Main issue is that the honeycomb bit just doesn’t feel variable at all, other than it’s softer in areas your body doesn’t really touch, like behind the wings. Otherwise it feels pretty uniform to me, which makes me question the point. This is different to my Antares, which has a noticeable variation in density along the saddle. Anyway, as I say, only one short ride so probably not a very fair test. I won’t be rushing out to buy one of these.

I didn’t like how it was rock hard in some places and pillow soft in a sport right next to it. If you’re bum is mint in the exact right spot, it’s awful. That spot is small and you can’t move around. It is very sensitive to tilt and fwd/aft setup.