Saddle for Narrow Sitbones

Anyone have any suggestions?

On my daily commuter I ride a Fizik Antares (142); my race bike is fitted with a Bontrager Montrose.

The Fizik saddle feels amazing, rock solid; the Bontrager not so much – it just feels too wide or something, I can never get a completely stable position. I tried swapping them out but the Fizik felt completely different on the racer than it does on the commuter, probably due to geometry, set-up, etc.

Any saddle ideas?

The arione would be the narrow saddle in the fizik range. Have you tried their spine concept?? Details on their website.

Also when you swapped the saddle onto your race bike did you remember to readjust the saddle height? The Antares was about 2cm shorter than the factory saddle on my propel.

Spine concept is how I ended up with the Antares in the first place.

Bontrager might be 138 (not exactly sure), so narrower and also shorter (tiny bit) than the Fizik.

I’m thinking it might be that the Fizik is a very firm saddle and the Bonty is quite spongey, or at least I find it to be.
When I did the swap I did re-measure saddle hight.

I dunno, but it’s starting to make me a bit bonkers.

See if you can borrow a Fizk Arione.

Have you had you sit bones measured? Sorry if that’s a implicit. I know my sit bones are 142 and so I’m a good fit for “most” 142 saddles. That is reflected in a good experience with Charge and then Fabric saddles of that width - I use a Spoon, Scoop and Line. I also ride a Brooks Cambian C17 iirc which is that width too. I always try a demo saddle for a couple of weeks before I buy, so there’s no guess work.

Might just be me but I really like that the antares has basically no padding :smiley:

If you can get your hands on an arione it would be worth trying but maybe you should try measuring your sit bones first?

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Have had sit bones measured twice. However, both times was done in an upright position. I’ve since learned that different positions alter the width of SB, basically the further forward you lean the more narrow your SB become (hence narrow racing saddles vs wide load beach cruiser saddles).

Perhaps I’ll try to source out an Arione and give it a go.

Thanks for all the advice! :+1:

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