3D printed saddle - 1st use report

So, I have been riding a pro logo dimension saddle and I have been having terrible issues with it. I’ve never had any issues with saddles in the past, and got this one after hearing a discussion about it on one of the TR podcasts.


The sides of the Dimension was hard and rubbing in a spot i didn’t need it to - therefore - making it uncomfortable to ride my bike and gibing me sores. All of which I have never experienced before.

So I bought a 3D printed one as shot in the dark (no name brand) and installed and rode it last night for 90 mins recovery.

I was surprised how comfortable it was and how the balance between comfort and stability was as when you feel it it kinda gives the impression that it is just a big net.

Anyways - I’ll obviously only know how it feels once I put a few hundo KMs into it so I’ll report back once I’ve done a month or so on the saddle

I had a Prologo Dimension too. My god, got so painful I abandoned a race during warm up. Same spot on the RHS every time.

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Same for me. Same spot almost unbearable riding

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I’ve been on an Antares Vento for the last year and have liked it a lot. Really aligns with my bone structure and keeps weight off everything else. It’s pretty firm though, which is fine on the road but can bet a bit sore after several hours on gravel.

Given that I tried the equivalent 3D printed model. My main takeaways are:

  1. Definitely a more cushioned feel. It still supports the same areas (as expected) but spreads the load a bit more. Not 100% sure I love the feeling TBH; maybe I’m just very used to a hard support under my sitbones, but it felt kinda vague and mushy. I only did a ~1h test ride though, so perhaps it’d feel amazing on longer rides or after getting used to it.
  2. The “cutout” is not a cutout, it’s just a very soft cushioned area. This is immediately noticeable, and while not necessarily worse is definitely different.