Specialized Power Mirror saddle

Anyone have any feedback on this saddle? Pros/cons, is it worth it’s hefty price tag?

Couple of existing comments:

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Are you wondering if this style(power, short-nose) of saddle is right for you, or this specific version?

There are some Specialized Power knock-offs floating around. search ec90 on amazon, you can get one to try for around $30. I have one and like it a lot


I should have clarified a little more, just wanted to hear from anyone who owns one how they like it, etc.

I currently have a power saddle that I like, was curious about the mirror specifically. Wondering if it’s a gimmick or the real deal.

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I have it. It’s absurd. I have been on Powers for a couple years, mainly the Power Pro Elaston which I love. I was intrigued by the mirror edition but balked at the price tag. But when I did the math on how much saddle time I have, I sold some stuff on Craigslist to fund it.

I have never been a comfort saddle person. Was on a Toupe forever and always minimal padding. The mirror saddle feels like your contact points are on a LaZBoy…yet supported. It’s hard to describe but it is truly amazing. Worth the hype.


Well you sold me on it, not like I needed much to get me to buy it haha.

I appreciate the review on it, you just never know with some of the new stuff that comes out. You’re also absolutely right about how much time we spend in the saddle, might as well make it as comfortable as we can.

I don’t get it. Why’s it called a mirror?

Is it a descriptive term? So that one can inspect down there?

I prefer sitting on the Xerox machine at work.

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So according to the Spesh marketing nonsense:

We developed Mirror technology by 3D printing from a liquid polymer to perfectly reflect your anatomy. This revolutionary process creates a complex honeycomb structure that allows us to infinitely tune the material’s density in a way impossible with foam.

So it’s about reflecting your anatomy see, like a mirror…

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I’ve used this saddle on various rides, anything from 90 minutes to 5 hours and it’s been great, no saddle sores and I haven’t felt the need to shift around whilst riding and my backside has remained pain free during all of the rides. The saddle is supportive no matter where your hands are located on the bars. The shorter nose has been fine as my previous saddle was a Specialized Toupe, so slightly longer, but I put the saddle in the same position as the old one and haven’t felt the need to adjust it once (measured from the back of the saddle to the handlebars).

My second Mirror saddle should arrive this week as I’m yet to use it on the turbo, so I’ll be interested to see how works in that situation.


I looked at the saddle when it came and was like, no way I am paying that much for a saddle…

And then I remembered that its 1 of 3 contact points, I spend $400 on S-Works 7 shoes which has been a godsend when it comes to comfort…

Bought one, and ALL issues I have had before went away. No pain, inside or on trainer, better positioning on the bike, I can keep aero for longer due to the very very soft nose part of the saddle… Love it!

I feel a bit of shame loving it so much considering its cost… but hey, what to do… :man_shrugging:


Maybe an add-on for those here: I have been riding a Fizik Antares R7 (came on the bike) and the width and such is good but the nose is too long as I sit kind of aggresively. I bought a Specialized Power Expert saddle and the snub-nose style is nice but my sitbones are absolutely trashed from it where I end up sitting as far forward as possible on it. Mainly just feels super hard, like the bone position digs in. I looked at the Power Arc and thought that might help, as it’s supposedly more narrow feeling than the standard Power. Anyone have experience one way or another here with any feedback?

I had the power expert and also had a very hard time with the sit-bones. Decided to switch to the mirror and problem is completely gone.

I rode the Power before, couldn’t do it… also the saddle hit my thighs when the leg extended… not an issue with the Mirror since it falls off a bit more on the “wings”

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That is also true for the Power ARC models, with more slope and drop at the sides and leading part of the saddle wings. Less “digging” action compared to the other “regular” Power saddles.


Damn. Now I’m interested…for those who have tried both the Mirror and regular Power saddles; is the Mirror just a bit squishier as to why it’s more comfortable? Or is the shape slightly different as well?

Awesome, I appreciate all the responses! Just ordered mine, will definitely circle back around to offer my feedback on it as well.

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Digging this up as i’m interested to hear @mmglusica feedback and any other new mirror owners. CErtainly intrigued by this and looking at picking this up heading into the winter and extended turbo time.

I’m also interested in this. Had my sworks power for ages already and might get the mirror. I know I’d go well with it. What I’m interested in is to know how is it holding up for people who’ve had it for some time. Does it stil retain it’s shape? Any wear issues?


I can also pitch in a bit…

Bought the first one when it came out due to saddle issues… have had multiple bikefits so it wasn’t that. Just have a sensitive ass :wink:

Now I own three of them… wallet is sad but honestly it’s the best saddle I’ve ever ridden.

I also did pressure mapping on my S-Works Romin vs the Mirror, insane difference! (The difference is just as pronounced when riding as it is in the mapping)

What I like the most about it is how soft it is in the very front. Riding on the rivet is no issue at all.


100% agree. I was hesitant dropping that much cash but it’s easily the most comfortable saddle I’ve ridden. Will it work for everybody? Probably not. But for me it’s like riding on a cloud. Trying to budget another one for the trainer bike for the winter.