Saddle soreness and irritation caused by chamois edges

Hi all,

I’m experiencing some issues during cycling, this has been happening for a few years now but it has actually gotten better lately, but still not solved – lower saddle increased the severity of the issue, higher made it quite a bit better.

So what I believe is happening is that the edges of the chamois are being pressed between the saddle and my skin, causing skin irritation and some times “lumps” that feels like pimples.

See picture of where on the chamois

I ride a Specialized Power Mirror and while I find the saddle to the very comfortable, I’m wondering if it’s too wide around the nose since this is happening.

Have anyone had some experience with this, and if so, how did you solve it?

I appriciate all replies!

I had something similar. Im still messing around with a total elimination of the problem but i improved it alot by lowering the nose of the saddle a tiny bit.

Im still going out on long rides with a multi tool and checking in every hour to mess with small adjustments to saddle height/setback/angle. I assume reach/stack and saddle choice play into it but thats as easy for me to change and test.

Good luck.

I too had an issue with the Power mirror. I switched to the Romin mirror and lowered the nose.

Oh forgot to say in the last post im going to see what adjusting my cleat position inward (incrasing the q factor) does next.

I literally feel your pain as I am experiencing the same right now. I’ve been putting on Vaseline before to try to limit chafing. It has helped but hasn’t eliminated the issue.

I noticed that mirror saddles don’t let your chamois slide.

See if chamois cream helps.